Sunday, November 05, 2006

Vote vote vote vote!

Tuesday is Election Day, and it's important that we each do what we can to Get Out The Vote for progressive candidates and issues. Your NO vote could help Wisconsin become the first state in the union to defeat a ban on a marriage ban!

Click on 'Read more!' below to find a couple of useful links with information about the issues, the candidates, and registering to vote. And, by all means, get thee to a polling place on Tuesday!

La Crosse City Clerk - find a sample ballot, polling place locations, and registration info. ( I know not everyone who reads this site is from La Crosse; check here for more information about registering to vote in other parts of the state.

Fair Wisconsin -- find out why a NO vote on the marriage ban is essential for our state's economy and people.

League of Women Voters - Check out their Fall 2006 Voter Guide; it's chock-full of great information.

Wisconsin Democracy Campaign
- See who's giving to your candidates, and how much.

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