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Saturday, July 22, 2017

Health care (again)

Tomorrow (Sunday) night, is hosting a Ready to Resist conference call about health care. (see more below)

In addition, on Monday, July 24, there will be a March for Medicare for All in Washington, DC (and related marches across the country (closest to La Crosse is in Rockford, IL). You can view the DC event at their website.

And, a recent article, Message to Democrats: Get on Board with Medicare for All, or Go Home, talks about a House bill introduced earlier this year (HR 676) by Rep. John Conyers and how pressure is mounting on those Democrats (guess who?) who haven't yet signed on,

So, maybe on Monday everyone in the Third CD could do a PHONE March for Medicare for All by pledging to call Rep. Ron Kind's office (DC: (202) 225-5506 or La Crosse: (608) 782-2558) in solidarity with the real marches and tell him to join the 115 co-sponsors of HR 676 (including fellow Dem reps Mark Pocan, Gwen Moore, and Keith Ellison, among 112 others) ASAP because that's what most people want and need. See below for talking points.

FIRST: Sunday's conference call:

Ready to Resist mass movement call, this Sunday, July 23 at 7 p.m. Central Time for some #RealTalk on Trumpcare—including our successes in stopping it so far and how the next few days may unfold—and to prepare for the upcoming August congressional recess.
Click here to RSVP! 

We know we face real challenges—still with health care, and with the Muslim Ban, relentless attacks on immigrants and undocumented youth, the constitutionality of this president, and much more. And yet, our movement is growing strong. Even Republican senators are admitting that "the health care resistance is working."1

This Sunday's speakers and trainers will do what they do best, breaking down the state of play and the actions each of us can take to continue to have the kind of collective impact that is already changing history:
  • Ben Wikler, Washington director for MoveOn, will join us for the third installment of his lively updates on the health care fight from the nation's capitol as we head into a crucial, possibly make-or-break week.
  • Rusty Williams is a fourth-generation, lifelong resident of West Virginia and a leader with West Virginia Citizen Action. When he was diagnosed with cancer in 2012 and left without insurance, Rusty became active in advocating for patients' rights. Trump is headed to West Virginia Monday in a last-ditch effort to persuade Senator Shelley Moore Capito to support his disastrous health care plan, which would cripple the Medicaid program that 30% of West Virginians count on for health care. Rusty will share the story of how West Virginians have effectively organized to stop Sen. Capito from taking away their health care.
  • Mari Cordes, Marcia Dinkins, and Biola Jeje will lead a short training on how to hold members of Congress accountable for their votes during the upcoming monthlong August congressional recess. Mari Cordes has been a registered nurse for 30 years and is the former local union president of Vermont Federation of Nurses and Health Professionals and a founding board member of Rights and Democracy Vermont. Marcia Dinkins is the executive director of the Mahoning Valley Organizing Collaborative in Youngstown, Ohio. Biola Jeje is National Organizer with Resist Here, a project of the Working Families Organization.
  • Jennifer Epps-Addison, President and Co-Executive Director of the Center for Popular Democracy, will host the conversation.
Because we've continually raised our voices together, 181 days into the Trump administration, we've protected our health care and changed the conversation to continue pressing for Medicare for All.
Click here to RSVP for the call, and we'll dial you in this Sunday at 7 p.m. CT.

You can also listen to Sunday’s call here via live online streaming:
The job of single-payer proponents now, Dr. Paris emphasized, is to make it politically damaging for Democrats who refuse to listen to their constituents and instead remain committed to a failed for-profit system, under which millions remain uninsured.
"We're not going to wait around for our members of Congress to say, 'Now it's politically feasible.' If we wait for that, we're going to be waiting for the rest of my life, your life, and many more lives," Paris said. (from Message to Democrats: Get on Board with Medicare for All or Go Home)

Talking points for your Monday call to Rep. Ron Kind telling him to co-sponsor HR 676
  • There is no Republican plan that won't result in millions of people - from children to veterans - in losing health care coverage.
  • HR 676 is the only plan that would actually cover everyone and would save money
  • HR 676  is the only fiscally responsible way to cover everyone and would bring health care costs down by reducing administrative expenses and profits
  • Polls show that a majority of Americans favor a single payer Medicare for All health care program
For more general talking points about why a single payer health plan is better than other options, visit the Physicians for a National Health Program FAQ page. 

Thursday, July 20, 2017

Calling all Creatives! OPEN STREETS

[from Wisconsin Bike Fed]

Calling all La Crosse food vendors, art vendors, & local businesses: Get your spot now for La Crosse Open Street, September 3rd, 2017, 12-4pm

La Crosse Open Streets is a partnership between the Wisconsin Bicycle Federation and Explore La Crosse with support from Downtown Mainstreet, Inc, the City of La Crosse and the La Crosse City Vision Foundation.

La Crosse Open Streets is an event that will take place Sunday, September 3rd during the seventh year of the La Crosse Labor Day Bicycle Festival. This is an effort to bring a new event to the area, while still capitalizing on the audience that will already be attending the Bicycle Festival.

2012 Open Streets Minneapolis
Open Streets events create car-free spaces where people and families can exercise and play; at the same time, neighborhood businesses and vendors can engage the community and visitors in new ways. We will use about a mile of downtown streets for this special event, activating space that is otherwise quiet on a Labor Day afternoon, and bringing new customers and sightseers to businesses. 

Open Streets is a worldwide movement modeled after Ciclovia, which began in Bogota, Columbia. The idea focuses on minimizing the use of cars and temporarily promoting biking, walking and active living in the communal spaces that are otherwise dominated or made unsafe or unhealthy by moving and parked cars. 

Open Streets events are designed to be recurring – possibly weekly or monthly through the summer. The idea is to give a glimpse of other ways to get around and use city space. While there are events throughout world, the most famous Open Streets events are in places like Toronto, LA, and St. Petersburg, Florida. 

We would like to begin by creating an annual event. While we know that temporary car-free spaces allow community involvement and support physical activity or the broadening of transportation choices, creating a welcoming community and encouraging people to return, we also know that it is difficult to imagine those choices with so many cars. The Open Streets event temporarily shows what is possible.

The City of La Crosse will close a stretch of downtown between Cameron Park and Burns Park. A map will be created to illustrate where activities will take place including yoga, dance, art, hula hooping, ladder ball, bean bag toss, jenga blocks, bubbles, bike checks, bicycle skills courses and more. Organizations and businesses are invited to participate and encouraged to have an activity for participants. Food trucks and craft vendors will also be invited. 

A Facebook page has updates leading up to the event. Open Streets will be promoted on social media and printed posters, post cards, fliers, signs and maps.

Please contact Carolyn Dvorak to reserve space outside your business or along the route and for event sponsorship.

Carolyn Dvorakcarolyn.dvorak-at-@wisconsinbikefed.orgO: (608) 709-2945
C: (608) 317-2825 cell

Wednesday, July 19, 2017

Here is an interesting article from the Nation on voter turnout from the presidential election, and the paterns that are present. There are a lot of narratives about Trump voters and working to recruit from the center, but it looks like a more promising group is in the votes of independents are those farther left. Hopefully Democrats catch on to this issue. Definitely worth a read.

Sunday, July 16, 2017

What's Coming Up (July 17-24)

Quite a range of events this week. If you are planning an event or meeting, please check our calendar to make sure you're not cross scheduling. If we are missing your event, please submit it or email!

Monday, July 17: Meet at 1:30 at the Onalaska City Hall to protest Scott Walker. He's supposed to be there between 2 and 4 p.m. AND At 4:30 there's a meet & greet & fundraiser for Kathleen Vinehout at Fayze's. Vinehout, a state senator, will be making a second run in the Democratic gubernatorial primary AND at 6:30 p.m. there's an important meeting of the La Crosse County Democratic Party at the Ho-Chunk Three Rivers House. Guest speaker: Kathleen Vinehout

Tuesday, July 18: At 6 p.m. you are invited to join the local Sierra Club in cleaning up River Valley Drive until about 7:30 AND 7 p.m. there are two important meetings. La Crosse United to Amend will hold a planning meeting at Java Vino AND Our Wisconsin Revolution will meet at the Ho-Chunk House.

Wednesday, July 19: The La Crosse Interstate Fair begins this day and continues through Sunday, July 23. If you have a candidate or a cause, this is a great place to connect with people and hand out information. Admissions is free. AND the La Crosse Area Planning Committee meets at 4:30 p.m. in the county building. Among the agenda items, "Transportation Demand Management: Next Steps."

Thursday, July 20: The Trempealeau County Fair begins and runs through July 23. Again, if you have events, candidates, causes to educate people about, there will be a lot of people in one place. Go here.

Saturday, July 22: Hillview Urban Agriculture's Bountiful Garden Tour from 10 a.m. to 2 p.m. See the link for ticket and route info AND the annual Rail Fair Benefit and Fundraiser will take place in Copeland Park.

On Sunday, July 23: Get your Mediterranean fix at the annual St. Elias Mediterranean Fest from noon to 5 p.m. at 716 Copeland Avenue.

Will update as new events come to our attention!

Scott Walker in Onalaska Monday

Scott Walker will be at the Onalaska City Hall Monday afternoon. If you would like to join the protest - decimated DNR, poo in our drinking water, millions "lost" in WEDC giveaways, schools defunded , drug testing for poor Medicaid recipients but not rich cronies receiving government aid, ethical challenges (to be polite), deteriorating roads, 17th the century public transportation, still no budget, etc - please come with your sign and voice. Meet at 1:30 at City Hall.