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Wednesday, August 15, 2018

Ron Johnson staff office hours

Just notified Sen. Ron Johnson's staff will hold office hours on THURSDAY, AUG. 16 from 8:30 to 9:30 am at the Campbell Town Hall, 2219 Bainbridge Street.

One question, for example, why isn't Sen. Johnson demanding all families torn apart by D Trump's "zero tolerance" policy be immediately reunited? What about the bus full of school children bombed by the US in Yemen? Etc.

How much do you want change? (location update)

The candidates are chosen. Now we have just a few months to work for the change we want.

How much do you want a state government that promotes affordable healthcare (maybe even Badgercare) for all rather than spiraling premiums,  junk policies, and punishments for the working poor? How much do you want a real DNR with real scientists driving policies that protect the environment? How much do you want fair maps and a return to Wisconsin's commitment to clean government? How much do you want official recognition that catastrophic climate change must drive an immediate switch to statewide renewable clean energy? How much do you want fair funding for great public schools pre-k through university? How much do you want decent multi-modal transportation infrastructure that serves all the state? How much do you want our job and small business development agencies to actually benefit local and state small businesses (with audits and accountability for incentives given). How much do you want our state to stand up for the rights of all its citizens?

That's how much we all need to work, from now until election day, to make those changes. Sign up to canvass, phone bank, and text bank. Donate if you can. Make sure everyone you know plans to vote in November. Make sure they know why this is so important.

Even if you've never canvassed, or you don't like calling strangers, or you don't want to talk politics, just remember what's at stake and how much you want change.

Democratic gubernatorial candidate, Tony Evers, will join lieutenant governor candidate, Mandela Barnes, at ***LOCATION UPDATE*** Pearl Street Brewery, 1401 St. Andrew Street on Friday at 3 pm. Drop by to meet them and sign up to make a change this November.

Thursday, August 02, 2018

Defend the census

The 2020 census is just around the corner. What could happen if incompetents or malicious actors get their hands on running the census? Plenty!

For example, a contractor could be hired to print and distribute the census but then file for bankruptcy and get a ruling that we taxpayers still owe them millions for not printing it. Yes, that has happened already.

Anti-immigrant (to be polite) Trumpolytes like Steve Bannon and Kris Kobach could push very hard for a citizenship question on the "must complete under penalty of law" census.  Yes, that is happening, too. This Mother Jones mag article tells us why Republicans are working to undercount minority voters in large states. This NYT article describes states' attempts to block it by suing the Trump administration.

This site is collecting citizen comments for the Commerce Department. You have until August 7 to weigh in.

We already know that numbers matter. Republican gerrymandering is but one arrow in their "total minority rule" quiver. 

Small states' outsized representation in the US Senate also affects who gets on the Supreme Court. Small state voters' votes count much more than votes of those who live in larger states. If the census can be rigged to undercount minorities in large states whose "vote power" is already diluted, it will get worse faster.

2012 Slate article pointed out that, "one Wyoming voter has roughly the same vote power as four New York voters." The authors of One Nation After Trump note that by 2050, about 30% of voters will elect about 70% of US senators.

Jud Lounsbury, writing in The Progressive magazine, shows how this skews the vote by numbers and race:
"That means in North Dakota a voter—who is most likely to be white—has three times more say in who gets to become President. And it means that a California voter—who is most likely to be not white—has a vote that is worth only about 83 percent as the rest of the country."

David Yaris, author of It's Time to Fight Dirty, details all the ways Republicans have used the constitution, written to ensure power for wealthy white men, to retain power for a minority of voters and how those same tactics can bring back majority rule.

Until then, working to make sure as many as possible vote and as many as possible are counted in the census will dilute the voter suppression initiatives. (And consider staying in or moving to one of the small states where one vote really counts as more than one in national elections.)

Monday, July 30, 2018

City Fair Housing Survey

from the City of La Crosse website:

7/30/2018 - Please take the City’s Fair Housing Survey
The City of La Crosse is preparing a fair housing study and we need your input. This study will examine patterns of race, poverty, and housing needs in the region. Your opinion will help La Crosse improve housing for its residents. By taking the survey, you also will have the chance to win a $50 Visa gift card! The deadline to take the survey is September 1, 2018.