Wednesday, December 14, 2016


Help Bernie Stop Trump & Build Our Revolution 

Keith Ellison is the right person to be the next leader of the Democratic Party, and tonight Our Revolution is hosting a livestream event featuring Bernie Sanders and Keith Ellison to outline Keith's vision for the party.

If Democrats are going to win power to help advance a progressive agenda, we need a leader who will prioritize young people and grassroots organizing for the future of the Democratic Party. That's why the livestream event this Wednesday with Keith Ellison is something you need to see.

RSVP to watch this Wednesday's livestream event with Keith Ellison to talk about his platform for the Democratic Party's future.

Our Revolution Livestream with Keith Ellison and Bernie Sanders
Wednesday, December 14, 2016
8:00pm ET

We want to organize a campiagn in the next three days to contact and meet with all 538 electors to try to convince 36 not to vote for Trump! We need your help so pelase donate to set this up in the next 24 hours.

Monday, December 12, 2016

12/9 Potluck Review

Thanks to everyone who made it out the potluck this past Friday, and thanks to you all who read and keep up with the info on them even if you didn't make it. Without further ado, a brief summary of the topics we talked about and are working on.

1 - The Big Read - UWL and the public library have earned a grant from the National Endowment for the Arts to bring this program to town and start La Crosse Reads. It is providing thousands of copies of the book A Lesson Before Dying to citizens for free in an effort to get everyone to read and talk about the book and the issues therein. It is a book about Jim Crow era racism among other things, and they are hoping to help raise awareness for causes around fighting racism. There will also be multiple speakers coming to town, including authors and activists. Check out their website or stop by the public library for more info.

2 - Community members are working to plan another progressive state of the union. Now more than ever, we need to get together and make sure that we are ready to work hard against the injustices in the world. More info to come on this. if you are interested in helping to plan the event, please contact RoZ.

3 - Join the La Crosse County Democratic Party. Some of you might not be in love with the idea, especially given past grievances with the party. However, there are some things we have to do through the 2 party system, and there are great candidates in the party. It is our job to find and support them, and work within the broad base of Democrats who have woken up and are ready to fight and change. Email Peter for more info.

4 - The Injustice Boycott - Join the ongoing boycott of major cities in our country in protest of rampant, unchecked, and unapologetic police brutality. This is the modern civil rights movement, and we need to keep making it grow. It is mostly simple daily action to help with publicity at this point, and it will ultimately be being more careful with where we put our money. Please get on board.

5 - Showing Up For Racial Justice - SURJ is an organization for white people to learn how to do the work of supporting people of color in their continuing battle for justice and equity. It is committed to taking action regularly in addition to analyzing racism and our own understanding (and misunderstandings) of race. Right now there is a newly formed La Crosse chapter. Check out La Crosse Area SURJ on facebook for more info. There will be an off Facebook presence which is still being developed. More to come on that at future events.

6 - Hmong Language Course 'Cancellation' Conflict at UWL - UWL has decided not to offer an in person taught MLG 304 class this Spring, despite the fact that the teacher and students worked hard to make sure they could get adequate enrollment. I encourage you to email the administrators below and request that the class be reinstated for Spring 2017.

Department Chair: Marie Moeller <>, Dean: Julia Johnson <>, Provost: Betsy Morgan <>, Chancellor: Jow Gow <>
While it seems like there are some valid issues that the university needs to resolve, there has also been significant acts of institutional racism against the Hmong students via oversight, lack of attention, lack of consideration, and little effort to right this situation.

Regardless of administrative, budgetary, or personnel issues, the Hmong students at UW-L need and deserve an in-person professor teaching the MLG 304 class in the Spring of 2017. Please reinstate the class with a teacher physically in the classroom for students who only have this chance to take the class. Please reach out to Peter if you want more information on this topic.

That covers everything that we can remember enough about to do a write up on. We hope everyone has a good December. With all the holiday events, we are going to call it a month and work on figuring out a date in January for the next potluck. As always, if you want to have time to speak let us know and we will get you on the agenda.

Friday, December 09, 2016

Reminder: Potluck TONIGHT

TONIGHT! Please attend the Coulee Progressives potluck starting at 6 pm at 140 S. 23rd Street. All welcome. We'll talk about plans for the upcoming year including a possible state of the union event, possible action on polling places, and other interesting and progressive stuff.