Monday, October 15, 2018

Vote with your ballot (and your roof)

Absentee in person voting has started. In La Crosse, head to the City Clerk's office 2nd floor City Hall) between 8:30 a.m. and 5:00 p.m. The clerk's website has more info, including a sample ballot. If you don't live in the city of La Crossed, contact your municipal clerk and check for your details. (If you vote early, you will be available for GOTV or driving people to vote or helping at the polls on election day).

One reason this election is so important is the increasingly dire warnings about catastrophic global warming. The latest report (and this is the concensus version which "waters down" some if the worst news) tells us we must make immediate and major large scale changes to carbon emitting systems. In addition, new warnings from cyber security experts, detail the apocalyptic effects a cyber attack on the US electricity and gas grid could have. Now is the time to plan to become as energy self-sufficient as possible.

On Tuesday at 6:30 pm you can learn about the Sierra Club's partnership with SunVest, Inc. to help people install solar on their rooftops. The program, at the Ho-Chunk Three Rivers House, 8th & Main, is free and open to all. Those who sign up for the Sierra Club/SunVest program will receive a free site assessment and analysis of solar capacity, cost, and payback time. The group buy gives a discount to those who sign up and SunVest will donate to the Sierra Club for every completed project. Read more about it at

Thursday, October 11, 2018

Important Actions Coming Soon

Whatever issues you may have with the DNC, Steny Hoyer, Tom Perez, Joe Manchin, the DPW, et al, the fact is we have important elections coming up soon and we don't want any more regressives in office. In fact, we want fewer regressives in office especially in Wisconsin where science has become an optional reality, global warming a forbidden concept, and good roads a distant memory (to name a few).

That means all hands on deck to work for fewer regressives which, this year, means more Dems. In La Crosse, the county Dem Party is hosting two weekends of action - this weekend and next, plus a four day GOTV action just before election day. Activities will include canvassing and phone banking to make Wisconsin SANE again.

If you can help with these efforts, please do. If you can do more, like join the party and help work from the ground up to transform its priorities and policies, do that, too.

Here are a few ways you can help immediately (from the Comfort Captain). Please email SUBJECT: Action Aid

This weekend we’re expecting upwards of 100-200 people coming through the Dem office before and after canvassing, on Saturday and Sunday this weekend and next. Then there's a week off before the big GOTV 4 day extravaganza, Sat 11-3 thru Tues 11-6, when we’re expecting 400+ people. They’ll be working 3 hour shifts starting at 9am til 9pm. 

We need healthy food for people both snacky stuff and hot crockpots. If you can help supply some food and comfort for these volunteers (and if you can be one yourself), please email!

Tuesday, October 09, 2018

October 14: Rally for Justice

for Women, People of Color, Immigrants, the LGBTQ Community & Environmental Justice


Sunday October 14, 2018: 1:00-3:00 pm
Copeland Park—1130 Copeland Drive 
 (park off Clinton Street west of Rose Street)

Hosted by The Reverend Krista Taves
Unitarian Universalist Fellowship of La Crosse

Music by The Mayfield Experience

Thursday, October 04, 2018

Greater than Fear Rally TODAY

Rally and march in Rochester tomorrow (Thurs) 

A counterpoint to Trump's rally that night. The rally is noon-3:30 pm at Soldiers Field on Broadway. Program starts at 1:00, and march downtown and back. Positive and non-violent. Scroll down for details.  (Bring a sign if you’d like to.)

There’s parking at RCTC for park-and-ride.) 

Please pass this on to folks who oppose Trump and want to peacefully support tolerance and diversity.

MAP: of Rochester Community and Tech College (bus location)