Thursday, September 28, 2006

How low can they go?

This post, The Constitution has its Darkest Day While Harry Reid Sucks an Egg, by Howard Rodman, says it all.

Not only didn't the Democrats filibuster this bill or otherwise derail it (and they could have) but, in the end, many of them voted for it.

As Rodman notes, "This was and is one of the most important votes in our liftime, if you believe in the Constitution, the idea of justice, that kind of thing. Why did the Democratic leadership cave? Because they were afraid of being accused of being 'soft on terror.'

"Guess what? They're going to be accused of that anyway."

Democrat Ron Kind continues to vote for war funding and send silly letters to consitutents who beg him not to (see below). Democrat Herb Kohl meekly votes no rather than leading the charge against "the darkest blot on the conscience of the nation." Democrat Russell Feingold defends the merciless destruction of Lebanon by Israel as "self-defense."

And this is the opposition party?

I don't think so.

Who is? I don't know. Rae Vogeler, Green Party candidate, is an intelligent leader who would be a true progressive in the Senate. But she has little money and Kohl won't debate her and the loyal Democrats are afraid of losing a LieberKohl for someone who actually would stand for what they say they stand for.

Ron Kind lost 20% of the primary vote to Chip DeNure who was hardly a progressive's ideal, as he admitted himself. What if a real progressive opposed Kind in the next election?

What if? What if?

We don't have too much time left for polite "what iffin'" at this rate.

We need some real leaders. And we need some real citizens. And quick.

Monday, September 25, 2006

Seven Six peace activists arrested at Kohl's La Crosse office

[UPDATE: There were SIX protesters arrested, not seven.]

This just in (from Guy):

Seven Coulee region activists including octogenarian, June Kjome; veteran peace activist, Gail Vaughn; students, Matt Stewart, Jeremy Jansen and Bjorn Bergman; and Viroqua resident, Antia Zibton were arrested at 5:30 today in Senator Herb Kohl's Office in La Crosse. Supported by approximately 40 citizens who gathered outside the La Crosse Post Office, the seven spoke for more than 1 1/2 hours with former La Crosse Mayor, John Medinger, who is currently an aide to Sen Kohl.

The discussion covered US involvement in Iraq, a failing war on terror, the role of US coverup leading to war, the possible military threat to Iraq and a host of other issues. The activists all agreed that the United States must withdraw troops from Iraq and implement a real plan to bring peace to the Middle East.

They were fined $95 and asked to appear in La Crosse Municipal Court at 8:30 a.m. on October 25. Their attorney, Keith Belzer, accompanied police as they entered the building. John Medinger and the police attempted to convince the nine to leave the offices. Two of the protestors left. The remaining seven refused, requesting that Senator Kohl take a position to end the occupation of Iraq.

After being ticketed and released, the seven walked out of the Federal Post Office to the cheers and hugs of fellow citizens of the City.

We are particularly proud of the actions of these seven individuals who were very active in the anti-war referendum vote, and have worked tirelessly for an end to conflict in the Middle East. While the seven activists were in discussions in Senator Kohl's office, the remaining citizens engaged in a discussion about the tactics and practices of Dr. Martin Luther King.


1) Attend the hearing on Oct. 25th.

2) Write (425 State St., La Crosse), phone (796-0045 Fax: 608-796-0089) or email Senator Kohl's office.

3) Support the seven folks with phone calls, emails, and letters of support. (Some of the students could use some extra cash if they fail in court.)

Sunday, September 24, 2006


After today's release of the classified National Security Estimate, news that torture in Iraq is worse now than under Saddam, another $100 billion in the works from your pocket to Halliburton and other war contractors, Iraq is THE issue.

Yet, apparently the Democrats plan to run in 2006 on ... the economy!

Senator Herb Kohl has been a supporter of the Bush occupation of Iraq. It's time for him to change and support the Declaration of Peace. Come and persuade him - Monday, September 25 at 4:30 p.m. Kohl's La Crosse office is in the U.S. post office, 425 Main Street.

As Guy notes: "More US sons and daughters have now died in the Iraq war than in 9/11.
The top CIA retired expert on radical Islamists has denounced the policies of President George W. Bush

"The 'war on terror' - and by terrorists - has directly killed a minimum of 62,006 people, created 4.5 million refugees and cost the US more than the sum needed to pay off the debts of every poor nation on earth.
The war is costing $11 MILLION an hour....

"If estimates of other, unquantified, deaths - of insurgents, the Iraq military during the 2003 invasion, those not recorded individually by Western media, and those dying from wounds - are included, then the toll could reach as high as 180,000.

"Twenty-one former generals and high ranking national security officials have called on United States President George W. Bush to reverse course and embrace a new area of negotiation with Iran, Iraq,and North Korea.
Torture is now being legalized...

"Dennis Kucinich, ranking Democrat on the Government Oversight subcommittee on National Security and International Relations, sent an email out stating that the Bush administration is once again building a case for war based on lies so it can invade Iran."

This will not stop unless the people make it stop. Join us.

Monday, September 18, 2006

A FULL Calendar!

Hold on to your hats! We have a FULL calendar of progressive events and activities this month and next. Be sure to check the highlights on this page or get more info (and more events) on the calendar page.

We are also trying to schedule a screening of the new Robert Greenwald film, Iraq for Sale during "Patriotism over Profit" screening week, October 8 - 12. It will be tough - there are already several good events planned. Check back often for details.

Tuesday, September 12, 2006

Thanks, Chip

Chip didn't win Tuesday but he gave the voters of the 3rd district who oppose the continuing (perpetual) occupation of Iraq someone to vote for. He ran his campaign without much money or resources.

As he says, "If there had been a more mainstream Democrat who challenged (Kind) on the war, it would have been closer.”

So, let's start recruiting right now. Who will commit to running against Kind in 2008. You think "the war" will be over by then? The only question is how much over $1 TRILLION will we have spent by then and whether or not we're also spending it to occupy Iran.

Thanks, Chip, for giving us a voice.

Tuesday, September 05, 2006

Why I am supporting Chip

Chip DeNure is running in the Democratic primary (September 12) against our current Democratic Congressman, Ron Kind. Kind is good on some issues, notably environment and education. BUT he has totally dropped the ball in representing his constituents on the invasion and continuing occupation of Iraq.

As others have pointed out, he held a public meeting then did exactly what most of his constituents begged him not to do. And he thinks he can get away with it because he wrote a letter! Sorry, no.

I disagree with Chip on several issues, but, as he said, he is a one issue candidate in this election. Chip would work to get the US out of Iraq. Kind will not.

I know - Chip is in favor of concealed carry and thinks he knows better than any woman what she should do with her own body and he has some idea that the Bush administration isn't telling the truth when it comes to 911.


We voters have tried the carrot and cajoling. We've tried lobbying, writing and talking. We've passed a resolution demanding troops home now. But Kind is deaf on this most important issue.

So, I am voting for Chip. Because we can't go on like this. Billions of dollars that could have paid for health care, scholarships, social programs, business incubation, infrastructure repair and much more - gone.

If Chip wins, then we can start lobbying him about the other things. But we'll be one step closer to being out of Iraq.