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Thursday, May 23, 2019

Friday Climate Die-In in Viroqua

As part of a world-wide effort to highlight the catastropic effects of climate crisis, Viroqua Climate Action will hold a CLIMATE DIE-IN on Friday, May 24 from 12:30 to 3:00 pm in at the intersection of Main and Court Streets in Viroqua.

Signs about CLIMATE CRISIS are welcome as well as signs highlighting possible mitigation of the worst effects like GREEN NEW DEAL.

Just this week another major report has been published showing that, once again, climate predictions, this time about sea level rise, have been too conservative. The report says that a rise of seven or eight feet, not three, will likely occur by 2100.

#FridaysForFuture #ClimateStrike youth-led actions have been going on around the world thanks to the inspirational action and leadership of Swedish high schooler Greta Thunberg.

Nothing has been organized in La Crosse as far as we know.

Wednesday, May 22, 2019

Need to impeach

The organization started by "billionaire Democratic megadonor" Tom Steyer to press for impeachment of D Trump has a new ad out. I couldn't agree more.

Sign the DKos petition to support Rep. Rashida Tlaib's resolution to begin an impeachment inquiry. 

Rep. Al Green makes the case on Democracy Now! today. 

Monday, May 13, 2019

May 18 - Talking Climate CRISIS

The TEDxUWLaCrosse Salon Series will present We’re doomed...maybe! So why aren’t we talking about our climate crisis? at the La Crosse Public Library Auditorium on Saturday, May 18, from 1:00 - 3:00 p.m.

The event opens with a presentation and group discussion facilitated by Dr. Casey Meehan, Sustainability Coordinator at Western Technical College.

At a TEDx Salon, attendees watch TED Talks, listen to speakers and have discussions about the talks they witnessed. Salons re-engage the audience in the presentation model through the critical element of lively discussions, allowing attendees to actively participate in the event and shape the conversation.
"Climate crisis may be the story of our times. We hear repeatedly from climate experts that humanity will suffer greatly if we don’t act soon, yet our everyday conversations remain remarkably void of discussions about climate change. Why? How might having regular discussions about climate with our friends, families, co-workers and neighbors move us toward the future we want? How do you broach such a fraught topic, and what do you talk about?" - Casey Merhan, Sustainability Institute
In this TEDxUWLaCrosse Salon participants will watch TED talks by Katharine Hayhoe and Per Espen Stoknes and will have the opportunity to reflect on, develop and practice sharing their own climate story--one grounded in lived experience where they are the experts.

This event is presented through a partnership between the University of Wisconsin-La Crosse and the La Crosse Public Library.

Learn more at the library site.

Thursday, May 09, 2019

Historic Memorial Pool project nears completion

UPDATE: Due to predicted wet weather, this event will begin at 10 am at the Eagles Nest and run through NOON.

 $20,000 Donation & Taste of Campbell Road Event Announcements

The City of La Crosse Parks, Recreation, and Forestry Department, in partnership with the Veterans Memorial Pool Campaign (VMPC) and nine neighborhood businesses, proudly presents:  Taste of Campbell Rd – Business Open House and Pool Tours

On Saturday, May 18th from 9am-1pm the public is invited to a sneak peek of the Veterans Memorial Pool and to visit nine new and long-standing businesses that are nearby.  Stroll the neighborhood for a complimentary taste or gift at each business, to see the updated design renderings on display, and to take a tour of the pool facility under construction.  City staff and campaign volunteers will be available to share information and answer questions. 

A short kick-off presentation at 9am will provide an update on the project, what to expect this summer once the pool opens, and community fundraising campaign progress.  Additionally, the Veterans Memorial Pool Campaign will recognize several significant recent contributions including a generous $20,000 gift.

As with the Veterans Memorial Pool, persons of all ages, abilities, and from all areas of La Crosse are welcome!

For more information, contact (608) 492-4392 or  Find additional information and updates regarding the VMPC on Facebook at “Veterans Memorial Pool Campaign La Crosse, WI” and MemorialPool.Org

Friday, May 03, 2019

Green New Deal Town Hall - May 7

Cross posted from Coulee Region Sierra Club

Green New Deal Town Hall announced for the Greater La Crosse region

La Crosse, WI -- La Crosse tri-state area students, community members, and local leaders will host a town hall for the region on Tuesday, May 7 at 6:00 p.m. at Hackberry's Bistro above the People's Food Co-op, 315 Fifth Avenue South, to launch the next phase of the campaign for the Green New Deal.

At the town hall, attendees will learn how a 10-year mobilization can avert the worse effects of climate change and create millions of good jobs, improving the lives of people in La Crosse and the region. 

This town hall will be one of over 300 similar events happening in classrooms, community centers, churches, and union halls across the country this spring as part of the national Road to a Green New Deal tour.

Co-sponsors of the event include the Coulee Region Sierra Club, La Crosse Peoples Food Co-op, La Crosse Area SURJ, and Coulee Region Climate Alliance. Other area sustainability leaders have been invited to participate. Speakers will highlight the urgent need to drastically reduce carbon emissions and create many new green jobs for all to help build a truly sustainable economy that improves all lives in the process. 

Speakers include:

  • Janette Dean, MN 350 Policy Action Team Member: Will give the latest updates on efforts in MN & other states in the Midwest to pass statewide Green New Deals.
  • Cathy Van Maren, Coulee Region Sierra Club Ready for 100 Team Member: Will share information about regional communities working on pledges to get 100% of energy needs 
  • from renewables as soon as possible
  • Peter Gorski, La Crosse Area SURJ member: Will talk about how the Green New Deal addresses historic and present environmental racism
  • Terrence Daniels, technology and environmental activist: Will report on climate activism  and how and why it's vital that individuals get involved

  • Invited: Nick Nichols, La Crosse County Sustainability Coordinator

· More to be announced

If your group or organization would like to speak or co-sponsor, please email subject=GNDTH


Tuesday, April 30, 2019

Rigged screening May 9

Local Screening
Thursday, May 9, Rivoli Theater 6:30
What would happen if political operatives tried to subvert the sacred American principle of “one person, one vote?” What if they hatched and pursued that plan for years before anyone noticed what they were doing? That is the frightening tale told in a new feature documentary, Rigged: The Voter Suppression Playbook. Narrated by Jeffrey Wright, and shot during the chaotic 2016 election, the film identifies and unpacks a shrewd ten-part strategy developed by Republicans to suppress votes that would be cast against them.

Sunday, April 28, 2019

Equal means equal

Janette writes,

TWO GREAT PIECES OF NEWS, friends & colleagues in the Coulee Region!
1) The La Crosse Tribune article on the front page on Friday shares why I and most Americans believe finishing ratification of the U.S. Equal Rights Amendment is so important. It also announces the free La Crosse Main Library auditorium screening of the film "Equal Means Equal" on Wednesday, May 1 at 5:30 p.m. (watch the trailer at the "FILM" link at: I will facilitate the Q&A on Weds., and please attend if you can.

2) We continue to raise awareness and work for completion of the Equal Rights Amendment into the Constitution which Congress passed on March 22, 1972. A full 37 of 38 states needed (3/4 of 50 states) have now ratified it, and Congress will have its first hearing April 30th at 10:00 a.m. EST after 36 years in the U.S. House Judiciary Committee at: (has live YouTube links; also on CSPAN-1.
The U.S. House bill introduced by wonderful U.S. Representative Jackie Speier from California would also entirely lift the second and unnecessary 1982 deadline and has over 185 cosponsors in the U.S. House of Representatives, thanks to fair-minded House Democrats (incl. Reps. Ron Kind, Gwen Moore & Mark Pocan from WI and five from MN):…/house-joint-resolu…/38/. Republican Senators Lisa Murkowski and Susan Collins are also equality-supporting cosponsors on the related Senate bill. WI and MN ratified the ERA in 1972 and 1973 and 38 states are required. NV & IL ratified it as the 36th and 37th states in 2017 & 2018.

Monday, April 22, 2019

This week in citizen action!

This Earth Week, please pledge to attend, participate, or host in at least one activity that will move our planet one eenth closer to a positive future. Check the calendar for a variety of options from learning about our childcare crisis and gun violence to voicing your opinions about climate change and institutional racism. Here are more details about a few of the activities coming this week:

It's VERY IMPORTANT that many Green New Deal supporters attend the Thursday, April 25 session with US Representative Ron Kind at 4:30 pm in room 3214 Centennial Hall, UWL. Rep. Kind has questions about whether or not an all out effort to avoid climate tipping points and limit the worst effects of catastrophic global warming is worth it. 

Afterward, get educated, Thursday, April 25 from 6 to 8 pm at Hackberry's Bistro, 315 Fifth Ave S. - The Death of Our Family Farm, a community conversation. Join us for dinner with members of the Voelker family, Wisconsin's Farmer's Union, and other farmers as we discuss the death of Wisconsin's family dairy farms. This discussion was prompted by a blog written by Abe Voelker. Please read it before you come if possible. Soup, salad, and bread provided. Donations accepted to help with event costs.

On Friday and Saturday, Take a Stand Against Racism and show your solidarity for immigrants. Stop by the SURJ table at Pearl Street Books from noon to 2:00 pm to take the Stand Against Racism pledge, test your knowledge with a sample citizenship test, learn facts related to common immigration myths and more.

Saturday is Neighbors Day. Sign up to help neighbors and clean up our community at the Habitat for Humanity website. Morning, afternoon, or all day shifts are available and lunch wiill be served at Myrick Park Center for those who help out.

Sunday is EARTH FAIR at Myrick Park from 11 am to 5 pm. This year, the hope is that it will be a ZERO WASTE event and there will b a ZERO WASTE INITIATIVE booth at the fair.

Tuesday, April 16, 2019

Earth needs you!

The catastrophe in Paris might well serve as the poster event for what is happening to our climate. As Notre Dame burned, French president Emmanuel Macron vowed to rebuild it.

Unfortunately, as many have noted, there is no Planet B, there is no chance to "rebuild" our planet if we are unsuccessful in drastically reducing greenhouse gas emissions in short order to avoid an unrecoverable tipping point.

If you think this is too over the top, please read The End of Ice by Dahr Jamail or The Uninhabitable Earth by David Wallace-Wells. Time is ticking. We are way past changing a couple of light bulbs.

George Monbiot's recent article in the Guardian lays it on the line. He says, "Only rebellion will prevent an ecological catastrophe."

When the problem is so huge and overwhelming, it's hard not to just throw up your hands and give in to the inevitable. Tell that to Greta Thunberg.

So what CAN we do?

On Thursday, April 18, the Sustainable La Crosse Commission will host a public program on clean energy planning in La Crosse including future plans to go all in on clean renewable energy. Your participation is needed to show support for this initiative and help carry it forward. Please come to the meeting - this Thursday at 5:30 pm in the County Administrative Building, 6th & State to learn about the plans and how you can help.

Already more than 100 cities, including Chicago, and four whole states have committed to moving totally off of fossil fuels by 2050 or sooner. If you live in La Crosse, sign the petition. If you don't, start the process to get your community to commit to 100% clean energy as quickly as possible.

The Coulee Region Sierra Club will have more info at its Earth Fair booth at Myrick Park on April 28 and host a Green New Deal event in May.

On Thursday, April 25 at 4:30 pm, Rep Ron Kind will speak with Green New Deal supporters on the UWL campus. [UPDATE: Location - Room 3214 Centennial Hall, UWL]The US must become a leader in cutting greenhouse gas emissions.

These are the types and scopes of changes we need to push for right now. We can make our own personal changes, but we must also work very hard to make those changes at the city, county, state, and national levels. This is more important than basketball championships, cancer fundraisers, or anything else you can think of. This is MOST important. In the words of a dear PA diner patron interviewed on a FOX television program, "Ultimately, the other issues are all solvable. But if the planet starts catching on fire and we’re all dead, it doesn’t do us any good to see how much money we can make.”

Monday, April 08, 2019

Conservation Congress and more

This week's opportunities for citizen action and education include:

* MONDAY, April 8 Conservation Congress Spring meetings around the state at 7 pm (La Crosse County meeting is at Onalaska High School). You may also participate online for the first time ever! Vote on issues important to our environment. See Sierra Club's voting guide at
And Frac Sand Sentinel asks folks to print and take two copies of this resolution: OPPOSE THE BACK FORTY PROPOSED METALLIC SULFIDE MINE

* THURSDAY, April 11 - Watch the film, DARK MONEY at the Rivoli Theater at 6:30 pm and talk about the influence of anonymous big donors to our political system. Co-sponsored by La Crosse for People Powered Democracy, Medicare for All WI 3rd CD, and Blue Jean Nation.

* SATURDAY, April 13 , join a Sierra Club Climate Conversation, 10:30 am to noon, at the South Community Library: Imagining our Carbon Free Future. What will a community powered by 100% clean renewable energy look like? How will our transportation and food systems change? What will our neighborhoods look like? How should we be preparing now to make the transition smoother? Bring your ideas and actions, things you are doing or plan to do, and great ideas you've experienced or read about. We'll build on the January Climate Conversation event and compile and prioritize an action list for the coming year.

There's more coming up. Check the calendar (and add your event if it's not already there).

Sunday, March 31, 2019

Social justice, ethical cities, citizen action

One of the great things about the Coulee Region is our wealth of higher education institutions. This coming week, April 1-5, the Institute for Social Justice at UW-La Crosse is hosting a week of speakers, panels, exhibits, and workshops designed to "elevate silenced voices.

Check out the list of FREE Social Justice Week events at their website.

On Thursday, April 4, Charles Montgomery, author of The Happy City opens Viterbo University's interdisciplinary conference on The Ethical City with a keynote speech at 7 pm in the Fine Arts Center. The conference runs through April 6 and requires registration. Montgomery's speech is free.

In addition, don't forget to VOTE on Tuesday if you haven't yet. The Wisconsin Supreme Court race is super important. Remember, Hagedorn worked for the Walker administration. Judge Lisa Neubauer did not.

Also this week:

* April 4 state budget listening session with State Senator Jennifer Shilling and Rep. Jill Billings at 5:30 pm at the Northside Policing Center, 713 St. James St. With the nearest Joint Finance Committee hearings in River Falls, these local sessions are extra important to help show support for Governor Evers' budget proposals.

* A Coulee Region group of Democratic Socialists of America is starting and will meet April 6 at 10 am. Get more info by emailing couleesocialists at gmail or call or text 608 632-6166.

* The April 6 54th Annual UWL International Banquet, 6 pm at the UWL Student Union, offers food from around the world, international music, and the chance to demonstrate support for our diverse community. You must purchase tickets in advance.

Friday, March 22, 2019

More on Lobby Day

If you’ve never been to lobby day or you’re a longtime attendee, this year will be a special one. Be sure to register here! 

We’re honored to welcome Gov. Evers as we kick off this important day for Wisconsin’s environment. Since taking office, Gov. Evers has set a vision for safe drinking water and clean energy and he has proposed a state budget that prioritizes the environment in so many ways. We are thrilled that he will be able to talk directly with conservation leaders about his priorities.

This year’s afternoon sessions will include:

Fair Maps in Wisconsin
Sachin Chheda, chair of the Wisconsin Fair Maps Coalition, will discuss the consequences of partisan gerrymandering and the legislative proposal to fix the process and end map-rigging in Wisconsin forever.

How to Talk Persuasively to Those Who Don’t Already Agree with Us
Matt Rothschild, executive director of the Wisconsin Democracy Campaign, will offer communication tips to use with your neighbors, co-workers, fellow congregants, and anyone else you know.

Responding to Threats from Sulfide Mining Expansion
Guy Reiter, community organizer and traditional Menominee living on the Menominee Reservation, will discuss efforts currently underway to stop the expansion of sulfide mining in Wisconsin, including the Back Forty project – a proposed mine in an area of great cultural significance to the Menominee Nation.

Clean Energy in Wisconsin
Kate Beaton, Wisconsin Conservation Voters western organizer and Eau Claire City Council member, and Heather Allen of RENEW will discuss local actions that are moving Wisconsin to 100 percent renewable energy. It’s a great opportunity to learn policy ideas and local organizing tips to usher in the clean energy era to your community.

More sessions are being finalized.

The lobby day experience is unique. You join hundreds of like-minded folks from across the state who share your concerns about our water, air, and land, and share your message directly with legislators.

A FREE BUS will leave from Tomah at about 7:30am. You must register in advance for the bus.

Wednesday, March 20, 2019

Citizen Action opportunities

Remember, you may vote Absentee In Person from now through Friday, March 29 (M-F, 8:30 am to 5:00 pm at City Hall if you're a City of La Crosse resident. Check your municipality clerk for details or look yourself up at for details).

On Thursday, March 21, learn why we must be involved and vigilant and proactive. Hear Holocaust survivor Magda Brown at 7 pm at the Viterbo Fine Arts Center. The program is free and open to the public.

Over the weekend, attend the 11th Annual Grassroots Fest in Mazomanie on Saturday (many great guest speakers) OR canvass (door to door visiting with neighbors and/or leaving printed material) to help people learn about the very important race for Wisconsin Supreme Court justice. Sign up here for Saturday and here for Sunday.

On Tuesday, March 26, Grandview-Emerson Neighborhood Association (GENA) is hosting a City Council Candidate Forum at 6:30 p.m. at the Myrick Park Center. Council candidates for District 4--John Lash and Larry Sleznikow--as well as candidates for District 5--Samuel Grenier and Justice Weaver--will participate in a candidate forum sponsored by GENA and the UWL Student Association. The public is invited. Send any questions you would like the candidates to discuss to Brief GENA meeting prior starting at 6:30pm.

On Wednesday, March 27, Wisconsin Conservation Voters is hosting hundreds of Wisconsinites from around the state for a Lobby Day at the state Capitol. Governor Tony Evers, who has declared 2019 the Year of Clean Water in Wisconsin will kick off the event. Anyone is welcome. There is a FREE BUS going to Madison from Tomah. YOU MUST SIGN UP TO SECURE A SPOT ON THE BUS.This is a very important event where individuals can make a real impact.

On Thursday, March 28, attend a state budget listening session at 5:30 pm at the Holmen Public Library with our local elected leaders (there will be another budget listening session on April 4 at 5:30 pm at the Northside Policing Center).

There's lots more coming up including several chances to advocate for action on catastrophic global warming and a clean environment. Watch the calendar for updates (a calendar-only view is available at, too). Link and share (and share your events!

Monday, March 18, 2019

Vote today!

Absentee in person voting starts today for most in the Coulee Region and continues Monday through Friday until March 29. Check with your municipal clerk for details. In La Crosse, it's 8:30 am to 5:00 pm in the City Clerk's office, City Hall. Get details about your ballot, voting place,  and more at myvote.wi.govElection day is Tuesday April 2.

Canvassing is going on this coming weekend to make people aware of this important Wisconsin Supreme Court election. Please sign up for one or more shifts. Use this link for Saturday, March 23 and this one for Sunday, March 24. Many many people don't know anything about this very important election or think it's not "big" enough for them to bother with. We need to educate and motivate!

Judge Lisa Neubauer has the support of more than 300 judges. Brian Hagedorn worked for Scott Walker.

A new team has stepped forward to run for leadership of the Democratic Party of Wisconsin (DPW). Rep. David Bowen, Wisconsin's only Bernie superdelegate in 2016 and current DPW 1st vice-chair, is running for chair on a ticket with Tammy Wood, currently chair of Sauk County Dems and vice chair of the DPW Progressive caucus, and Alicia LortaBen Wikler, former DC director of is also heading a team running for party leadership.

The DPW will use Ranked Choice Voting for its leadership elections this year. To vote on state party leadership, you must be a DPW member and delegate and you must attend the state convention in Milwaukee on June 1-2. If you'd like more info on getting involved to advocate for progressive leaders, policies, and candidates in Wisconsin, please email.

Thursday, March 14, 2019

Is there a climate March Friday?

Where are local student climate activists? Is there any action Friday?

Ron Kind listening session Monday 3/18

Kind listening session Monday, March 18 at 2 pm in room 401 of Western TC Integrated Technology Center, 325 8th St. N.

He's still not backing Green New Deal, Medicare for All, or Net Neutrality. (If you want to prepare for all the silly net neutrality arguments, this is a good primer.)

There will still be people outside the 5 pm birthday fundraiser at 4 Sisters, 100 Harborview Plaza in case you can't get to the 2 pm session.

Tuesday, March 12, 2019

Actions for March 16-18

Over the weekends of March 16-17 and March 23-24, you may be interested in helping with canvassing to educate voters about candidates and issues and to get out the vote. Follow the links to sign up for a shift on Saturday, March 16 or on Sunday, March 17

On Monday, March 18, City of La Crosse and other area residents may begin voting absentee in person. If you're not sure, contact your municipality's clerk. In La Crosse, voting occurs between 8:30 am and 5 pm Monday through Friday through March 29 in the City Clerk's office in City Hall. If you need to register or update your registration, you may do that at the clerk's office. Be sure to bring your voter ID. 

This is a statewide election for Wisconsin Supreme Court Justice. Judge Lisa Neubauer has been endorsed by more than 300 state judges and former judges and has never worked for Scott Walker. Her opponent, Brian Hagedorn, who was legal counsel to Scott Walker has such extreme views that even the Wisconsin Realtors Association withdrew their support. La Crosse County voters will also find a Fair Maps referendum on their ballots: "Should the Wisconsin legislature create a nonpartisan procedure for the preparation of legislative and congressional district plans and maps?"

At 5 pm, Rep. Ron Kind will have a birthday fundraiser at 4 Sisters, 100 Harborview Plaza in downtown La Crosse (PAC Host: $2500 | PAC Attend: $1000). Rep. Kind still has not signed on to either Green New Deal (nor rescheduled the missed meeting with GND supporters) or Medicare for All legislation. In addition, Kind is the only Wisconsin "Democratic" legislator to not yet have a position on the Democrats' Net Neutrality bill, according to

What can you do? Call Kind's office and let him know how you want him to vote. Consider attending the event if you can afford it or join some folks who might be outside the event with Green New Deal and Medicare for All (and even SAVE THE NET!) signs.

At 6:30, the La Crosse County Democratic Party will hold its monthly meeting at the Ho-Chunk Nation Three Rivers House, 8th and Main. We believe Ben Wikler, former Washington DC director of, will be at this meeting. He is running to become chair of the Democratic Party of Wisconsin. Wikler has worked and volunteered for Ed Garvey, Russell Feingold, Tammy Baldwin, and Al Franken among others. His plan is too "boost Wisconsin's grassroots." You do not need to be a member to attend the meeting, but you may join online or at the meeting if you'd like to have a say in how and who Democrats pick to run for office.

Wednesday, March 06, 2019

Get active!

There are many opportunities coming up to get active and continue to support and push progressive programs and policies. 

On Friday, March 8 there will be a legislative forum on the state budget on the UWL Campus featuring several area legislators. The event is free and open to all and will be in room 3314 UWL Student Union (take the #4 bus) from 2 to 3:30 p.m. 

Also on Friday, an informal meet and greet with Governor Evers at the Bodega from 5 to 6:30 pm will give folks the chance to meet our new governor. (There is a suggested donation on the flyer but YOU DO NOT NEED TO DONATE ANYTHING IN ORDER TO ATTEND!!!)  

On Saturday, March 9 the Progressive Caucus of the Democratic Party of Wisconsin (DPW) will meet from 1 to 5 p.m. at the Chula Vista Resort in Wisconsin Dells. Guest speakers will include Nate Timm, the DPW Rural Caucus chair and a leader with the Wisconsin Grassroots Network; Ben Wikler, who is running for chair of DPW (and any other official candidates are also invited), and Ernie Lowe who will discuss strategies for environmental action. In addition, caucus committees will have time to meet and prepare for the coming elections. 

[On Sunday, March 10, daylight savings time begins.]

On Thursday, March 14, at 10 am in Town of Holland Town Hall, there will be a public hearing hosted by the DNR about a water permit for Babcock Genetics, Inc., a La Crosse County CAFO.

On Thursday at 6 p.m. in City Hall, the La Crosse City Council will take up the resolution to ban bicycle lanes on Gillette Street that was not approved at this week's Judiciary and Administration Committee. Email the council, call your own representative, and show up at the meeting if you can (public hearings are not usually held at City Council meetings). 

There are many other events happening, too. Check the calendar for more.

In addition, two important bills are still seeking (local) co-sponsors. 

The GREEN NEW DEAL is legislation that will begin a framework to address catastrophic global warming. So far, the only Wisconsin co-sponsor is Rep. Mark Pocan. Contact Rep. Ron Kind and Senators Baldwin and Johnson to make your views known.

MEDICARE FOR ALL legislation has also been introduced recently. This article points out that 130 House Democrats have not yet signed on as co-sponsors and it lists those members' health care and big pharma contributions. Unfortunately, Rep Ron Kind is on this list.

Tuesday, March 05, 2019

Gov. Evers Meet & Greet Friday

Governor Tony Evers will be in La Crosse on Friday and will host a meet and greet from about 5:00 until 6:30 pm. Location is BODEGA BREW PUB. Donations to help pay for security will be accepted but NOT required. This is the first such event by the governor since he took office in January.

La Crosse County turned out for Evers in November. More than 85% of voters cast ballots and the Evers/Barnes ticket received more than 56% of the votes.

Thursday, February 28, 2019

Citizen Action Required!

[UPDATE: The J&A committee voted against the resolution 4 to 3 but the issue will come before the full council on Thursday, March 14 at 6 pm at City Hall. Please email all council members and call you own council member and come to the March 14 meeting if you can (no public hearing is scheduled). And, while you're at it, please advocate for *real* protected and separated with physical barriers from moving traffic bike lanes not just magic paint.]

You may know that the city wishes to improve bicycle infrastructure on the north side and that the Gillette Street plan includes removing a few blocks of parking on one side of the street to allow for a bike lane (and I think we're just talking paint and not a real protected bike lane). 

If you attended or heard about the meeting on the Clinton Street bridge bike improvements a while back you will know that there is a contingent of residents for whom a bike lane is the very worst thing that could ever exist in the universe and no energy will be spared to cry and wail and carry on to stop it.

So now there's a new plan to ensure no safe biking on Gillette Street 

And that's where we come in. Please check out this silly resolution and if you can, attend the J&A meeting and also email the whole council about what is most important here (Banning bike lanes is not it.)

Judiciary & Administration Committee
Tuesday, March 5, 2019 - 6:00 p.m., Council Chambers City Hall

Resolution prohibiting bike lane construction on Gillette Street from Rose Street to Onalaska Avenue. (Council Rep Scott Neumeister who represents District 2 and is running unopposed for re-election is the sponsor of the resolution).

Tuesday, February 26, 2019

Thursday - Budget watch

Governor Evers' Budget Address Watch Party
La Crosse for People Powered Democracy
On Thursday evening (2/28/2019), Governor Evers will make his 2019 Budget Address. 

Citizen Action of Wisconsin has invited watch parties all around our state. So far, there are eleven set up. We have one happening at our very own 

La Crosse Main Public Library, 800 Main Street
starting at 6:00 pm on Thursday
Please come and join with us  

Citizen Action is particularly concerned about achieving Badgercare Expansion for Wisconsin. This is an opportunity to learn more about this political action and to think about how we can help Governor Evers achieve the benefit of Medicaid Expansion for our state. 

If for no other reason, come and join with us to hear our governor speak, knowing that we are working together to make democracy happen.  None of us is alone in this effort because it only works when we work together. 

Thursday, February 21, 2019

Ready for the future



PROJECT ID is a 501(c)(3) that, "helps individuals obtain government-issued photo identification for the purposes of voting, obtaining employment, securing housing, and so much more.”