Thursday, December 01, 2005

Earth Day Every Day

EARTH WEEK! coninutes
On March 17, Governor Doyle signed into law Wisconsin's new Energy Efficiency and Renewables Act, which will mandate more efficient and cleaner energy use. "The new energy legislation, Senate Bill 459, requires 10 percent of the state's electrical supply to come from renewable energy resources by 2015. It replaces an earlier law that required 2.2 percent renewable power by 2011. The act sets tougher standards for state agencies, requiring the six largest state agencies to draw on renewable power for 10 percent of their power needs by the end of next year, and 20 percent of their power needs by 2015. It requires the state to pursue additional funding for the research and development of agricultural digesters, and it also calls for a pilot program to test the feasibility and cost-effectiveness of burning leftover corn plants to heat residences.

"The act requires Wisconsin utilities to directly support energy efficiency programs, ensuring annual expenditures of $85 million a year to promote energy efficiency. It also increases funding to local governments for energy efficiency projects, requires the state to update building codes to include higher energy efficiency standards, and requires the state to set higher energy standards for state building projects and purchases."

On Monday, May 8 please join WISPIRG and the UW-L Progressives as they host an energy forum with State Senator, Dan Kapanke at 7 p.m. in the Port o' Call, Cartwright Center, UW-L.

Let's make sure Senator Kapanke hears from his constituents that we want more clean energy, more energy efficiency and more state focus on how new energy technologies, including energy efficiency, can benefit the people, businesses and workers of Wisconsin.

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