Thursday, May 24, 2007

Just say no

Well, that didn't take long.

All that sputterin' and fist shakin' and big talkin'. All that hope that the Democrats would come through and change things.

Well, yeah. Sure.

They changed things all right. It's like sending your five year old into a poker game to play for next month's rent. It's like thinking that scarecrow is really going to keep the birds out of the corn. It's like hoping there really is enough gas in the tank to get to the job interview.

We don't want more billions spent on the conquest of Iraq. Period. How clear is that? How clearly did voters tell Ron Kind, WE DON'T WANT MORE BILLIONS SPENT ON WAR WITH IRAQ. Did he listen? No.

Well, you have to keep trying, right? You have to keep emailing Ron Kind or calling him (local office, 782-2558) even though you know damn well he couldn't give a fig for your opinion, desire, concern or demand. You can email Feingold and thank him for keeping up the fight. And you can email Kohl to see if he's ready to do anything yet.
But, really, it's not going to help. As long as the noise machine keeps equating spending billions of dollars on weapons and Iraqi lawmakers' two month vacation with "supporting the troops" and as long as Ron Kind and his buddies keep voting against their constituents' interests and wishes, it's really an exercise in futility.

New party, anyone?

I noted on another list that the Republican party grew from anti-slavery Democrats who were outraged that their party supported the disastrous 1854 Kansas-Nebraska Act. That same year, the fledgling party was forming (in Ripon, by the way) and by 1855, Republicans, including Cadwallader Washburn, (and other opposition party members) controlled the House of Representatives. By 1860, Republican, Lincoln, was elected president.

Were those folks smarter? more passionate? better organized? Can anti-war stir the same passion and sentiment as anti-slavery? Can't our internets, cell phones, myspaces, automobiles get as much done? Or are we so Anna Nicole Paris Angelina'd that a rat could gnaw off our pinkie toe and we'd never even feel it?

I don't know. I'm one of those idiot liberals who doesn't go for this new-fangled reverse reverse reverse psychology. We have to fund the war to stop it. Doesn't this sound like something from George Orwell?

We have to stop funding the war to stop it. That's the message. If you're up for it, tell them that.

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