Saturday, September 01, 2007


[Update: Well, don't bother contacting Russell Feingold. You'll get a rehash of all the reasons Iran is a bad guy but no mention of the Bush administration's plans to bomb the hell out of it. Another Senatorial non-answer.]

Floods, mudslides, resignations, revelations ... summer closes with a bang and fall begins with a bang.

A Wisconsin Public Radio program on August 29 featured retired CIA officer, Robert Baer, whose book, See no Evil, was made into the film, Syriana. Baer says he is certain the US will attack Iran within the next six months. Listen here.

Shortly after, several diaries and articles have appeared, including

You get the picture.

And, according to one diarist, it's all set up with the news rollout by Admin. friendly media. And they are already rolling out the "why".

This is an emergency. Call or email Feingold, Kohl and Kind. Do it now.

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