Thursday, November 01, 2007

Kind Trespassers Sentenced

[from Jason]

Today, La Crosse Municipal Judge, Dennis Marcou, found four anti-war protesters guilty of trespassing at Congressman Ron Kind’s office. Judge Marcou fined Anita Zibton and Gail Vaughn $96 each. Two twelve-year-old girls had their fines waived. More than 60 people appeared in court to support the protesters.

While the four defendants were in court, eight additional protesters sat in at Congressman Ron Kind’s office, refusing to leave until he agreed to meet privately to talk about the upcoming War Appropriations Bill. Dozens of supporters stood outside Kind's office.

Adam Conlin, spokesperson for the anti-war protesters, said, "Ron Kind has publicly stated on his website that 'American military power is not the solution to war. More troops, more time, more money—these are not the answers.' We agree with our Congressman and are here to ask him to vote according to his stated public values."

Congressman Ron Kind has repeatedly voted for authorization bills for ongoing funding of the war. "It’s time for Congressman Kind to take a stand. How can the Congressman agree that the solution is not military power while supporting funding for the war?" asked Jason Strangstalien.

After an hour of discussion with Congressman Kind’s Chief of Staff, and communications with the Congressman himself, Ron Kind agreed to the protesters’ demands for a private meeting to discuss the upcoming Appropriations Bill. The bill is tentatively scheduled to be voted on in January of 2008.

The protesters agreed to meet with Congressman Kind on condition that the meeting would be timely and would address the concerns that the overwhleming majority of his constituents oppose the war and want the troops home. Congressman Kind’s staff stated that the meeting would take place before the end of November.

In spring of 2005, La Crosse residents voted to support a resolution for the safe and immediate withdrawal of troops from Iraq, one of dozens of Wisconsin cities, villages and townships to do so.

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Back in January, a new idea to stop war funding, Operation Occupation began and the targets were Democrats who said how bitterly they opposed the occupation but continued to vote funding for it.

The Obey meltdown and tirade against "idiot liberals" who want to end the war by stopping the funding, is one result. But so far, funding is chugging right along, ensuring we will probably surpass the TRILLION DOLLAR mark Republicans scoffed at just a year or so ago.

The best way to stop war funding is to run someone against Ron Kind in the primary and get rid of the guy. Let him go back to being a prosecutor or run for Governor (now THERE'S a Halloween thought for you!)


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