Thursday, December 13, 2007

Here's your democracy for you

Poll after poll has shown that the American people do not want more money spent on the conquest of Iraq. Constituents around the country have written, phoned, emailed and gone in person to visit their representatives. Demonstrations and sit ins have accented the point - no more for war.

So, what happens?
House Passes $696B Defense Policy Bill
By ANNE FLAHERTY (Forbes) 12.12.07, 6:02 PM ET

The House passed a defense policy bill on Wednesday that would authorize $696 billion in military programs, including $189 billion for the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan.
Ok, it's the "defense policy bill that doesn't send money to the Pentagon, BUT it does signal their intent to continue funding the unpopular war in Iraq. The Dems' "no money until next year" pledges was one of those funny calendar tricks your daffy uncle used to amuse the children at the family Christmas gathering. "See you NEXT YEAR!" he'd wink (but you knew next year was just a few days away).

What about that Iraq funding? Democrats bow to Bush's demands in House spending bill
The final legislation, still under negotiation, will be shorn of funding for the war in Iraq when it reaches the House floor, possibly on Friday. But Democratic leadership aides concede that the Senate will probably add those funds.
The agreement signaled that congressional Democrats are ready to give in to many of the White House's demands as they try to finish the session before they break for Christmas -- a political victory for the president, who has refused to compromise on the spending measures.

So, there you have it. Democracy at work.

For more details on just exactly what the Democrats are giving up, check this diary at DailyKos.

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