Thursday, February 21, 2008

Act Now to Support Global Warming Legislation (from Clean Wisconsin)

[UPDATE: "02-26. A. Refused to suspend rules to withdraw from committee on Natural Resources and take up, Ayes 46, Noes 51."]

Important legislation to reduce global warming legislation is coming to a vote in the Wisconsin State Assembly. Call your Assembly representative and encourage them to support AB 157 Wisconsin's Safe Climate Act.

The effects of global warming are already being felt here in Wisconsin and if left unchecked global warming could have a devastating impact on Wisconsin's economy, culture and environment. The scientific community has said that we have very little time to enact legislation that will begin reducing global warming pollution in order to avoid the worst effects of climate change. Wisconsin cannot afford to wait for action at the federal level; we must pursue proactive solutions to reduce our global warming pollution today. AB 157 Wisconsin's Safe Climate Act will be coming to a vote soon in the Wisconsin State Assembly. Your representative's support for this legislation will be critical to ensuring Wisconsin is able to meet our global warming reduction goals.

AB 157 - Wisconsin's Safe Climate Act would require the State of Wisconsin to implement a plan to reduce our global warming pollution back to 1990 levels by 2020. These reductions will be an important first step to addressing climate change. The bill provides an excellent framework under which to advance and adopt the recommendations of the Governor's Global Warming Task Force.

Ok, let's face it. Once again, Republicans looking out for their polluting cronies are constipating this bill in the Assembly, most notably, number one blockage, Assembly "leader", Mike Huebsch. If you think it will do any good to call his office, (608) 266-3387 Or (888) 534-0094 or email him, feel free.

You could also try staring at that 8 foot mound of ice and snow by the side of your driveway to see if your x-ray vision can melt it in a matter of minutes.

The only way to get anything done, is to retire Mike Huebsch (maybe he can finish college using all the money he's saved up from his per diems.)

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