Saturday, August 30, 2008

Time to act

Barak ObamaThere are just about two months to go until the most important election in a long time.

While Barack Obama may not be the ideal candidate (he's definitely NOT an anti-war candidate and he is friendly to nuclear power), the stakes are too high, I believe, for casting about for another.

So, it's time to act. You can sign up at the website or visit the local headquarters at 127 S. 6th St. There's a training on Sunday, August 29. Go if you can.

Closer to home, Cheryl Hancock is taking on the well funded Mike Huebsch (and definitely needs a new web site!) Huebsch has blocked many strong progressive bills as leader of the state assembly. He must go if we are to achieve health care reform at the very least. And Tara Johnson is running against Dan Kapanke.

By the way, Wisconsin Public Radio recently featured a new book by John Grisham, The Appeal. Read it. While the story takes place in Mississippi, it might has well be Wisconsin.

We are not only facing a reinvigorated (by the selection of a fundamentalist high school basketball star as Republican vice-presidential candidate) reactionary right, anti-science voting block but also a state Republican party and their cronies who will do whatever they can to keep people from voting or at least muddy the issues or call into question the vote (thankfully, relatively sane people are still in control of the state elections board).

Check out this Grassroots Toolkit page offered by Wisconsin Manufacturers and Commerce, the largest spending Republican organizations in the state.

They are working for their candidates - are you?

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