Saturday, February 07, 2009

Run for cover or stand and fight

The BirdsThe Republicans have left the jungle gym and are in hot pursuit of their latest target, progressive nominee for Secretary of Labor, Hilda Solis.

First an anonymous hold, then more time to "review her responses" to their questions, then a minor business tax owed by her husband threatened to stop her nomination.

The Nation magazine comes to the point,
The real problem for her opponents is that under Solis, the Department of Labor would once again defend the rights of workers after eight years of repealing, reducing and blatantly ignoring workplace laws and regulations. As a state senator, Solis authored the first environmental justice law in the nation, and she has since said she is committed to creating green jobs. She also told the Senate that she would address the retirement security crisis; ensure that workplaces are safe, healthy, and fair; and protect workers from job discrimination.

--- snip ---

Solis has been one of Congress' strongest backers of the Employee Free Choice Act, serving as a co-sponsor of the measure in 2007, and her nomination is turning out to be an early proxy fight over the legislation itself.

Given that conservatives are going all out to block Solis's appointment, and the fierce and effective right-wing effort to push back the stimulus package, it's crucial that your elected reps hear how many Americans support President Obama's pick for labor.

Some thought the battle was over in November, but that was just the opening round. Every progressive change will be a new battle. So, get on the phone, write that email, mail that letter. This one's worth fighting for.

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