Thursday, January 14, 2010

Plastics and CP SOTU Update

The city is posed to approve plastic recycling in La Crosse. This is a major step - for decades, the argument has been that the city's contract for waste to the "waste to energy" plant required as much burnable waste as possible to remain in the stream. However, with stricter pollution controls required and apparently a reduced plastic waste stream (where ARE all those water bottles going??!!), more emphasis on recycling would be a good thing.

However, more emphasis on not manufacturing/purchasing/disposing of plastics would be a better thing.


Update on tablers for the Jan. 29 State of the Union:

[Updated 1/19/10] - Confirmed so far:
> La Crosse Area Freethought Society
> LGBT Resource Center for the Seven Rivers Region
> Climate Commitment Projects at Western Technical College
> American Civil Liberties Union of Wisconsin
> Ramona Gonzalez for Court of Appeals
> UW-L Progressives
> Lynnwood Farm and CSA
> Small Family CSA
> Three Rivers Waldorf School
> Bicycle Federation of Wisconsin
> La Crosse Interfaith Justice and Peace Network
> The Root Note
> Coulee Partners for Sustainability
> La Crosse Area Planning Committee
> CouleeCap Job and Business Development

(invited/still working on)
* High school student groups
* Coulee Region Sierra Club
* Active Living La Crescent
* many more - email for table info or to sign up!

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