Friday, October 16, 2015

La Crosse 4 Bernie #11 - Fuel the Bern

[We DO have a new website, but it's not quite ready to go yet. By November, we'll publish there I hope.]
October 16, 2015


[Note: if ever a sign up link doesn't work, just go to and search by zip code 54601.]

ONGOING TABLING We're almost at the end of Cameron Park tabling and need some new suggestions! Sign up to help finish out the month at Everything provided. If you want some training before you sign up, have trouble using the sign up site, or have any questions, please email Cathy.

LETTER TO THE EDITOR (LTTE) WRITING WORKSHOP Wednesday, October 21 from 4:45 to 6:45 p.m. at the North Community Library small meeting room. Bring your ideas (and laptop if you have one). Sign up here:

SIGN WAVING AND FLYERING near Woodmans in Onalaska – Saturday, November 7 from 11 a.m. to 1 p.m. Stand on the public sidewalk along Kinney Coulee Road North near the Woodmans parking lot and gas station. Wave your Bernie sign and hand out flyers and bumper stickers to those who ask. New event – sign up here:

SIGN WAVING AND FLYERING near Walmart on the far south side of La Crosse – Saturday, November 7 from 11 a.m. to 1 p.m. Same as above except stand on the public sidewalk along Mormon Coulee Road. Sign up here:

[SEEKING ONE INDIVIDUAL to be the “manager” of either the Woodmans or the Walmart event – hand out signs and flyers to other volunteers, collect them back, collect volunteer signature sheets if any. Please email Cathy if you can do this!]

NOVEMBER 14 DEBATE WATCH PARTY - need co-host to help set this up. Email Cathy.

WE REALLY REALLY NEED SOME OTHER PEOPLE TO SET UP SOME AREA BERNIE EVENTS!!! For example, on Friday, Nov. 6, MSNBC host Rachel Maddow will host a Democratic candidate panel (not an official debate). Someone could host a viewing party. Someone could host a make your own Bernie shirt event or a Bernie book club. Please consider making an event (go to and then choose PLAN AN EVENT).


FIRST DEMOCRACTIC DEBATEAbout 75 people watched the first official Democratic candidate debate in the Ward Room of UWL's Cartwright Center on Tuesday, October 13. Despite a few technical glitches it was a good night with many new people and lots of applause and laughter. Thanks to everyone who attended and especially to those who helped - Carrie, Aaron, Amanda, Jackie, William, Avery, George (and the person who suggested turning on the closed captioning!) DID ANYONE TAKE PHOTOS???!!! If yes, please post!!

The next official debate is Saturday, November 14. Should we try for a large community event? We need a space that's affordable (most large non-bar venues charge $80 to $100). Will you host it? Or should we have many smaller house/dorm events? Use the comments!

WE HAVE BERNIE STUFF!!! Thanks to three very generous anonymous donors, we now have a supply of official and unofficial Bernie stuff! We have official bumper stickers, buttons, and window and yard signs and unofficial (union made) Bernie bumper stickers and yard signs. Let's put Bernie's name on everything that moves (and doesn't!) THIS WEEKEND we'll have a link up so you can request Bernie stuff to give out in the community. Your donation will help us get more stuff!

ASK ME ABOUT BERNIE BUTTONS! Jackie has a supply of these very useful items. Wear them when you are out and about. Email Cathy to get one.


LA CROSSE COUNTY DEMOCRATS' FALL DINNER/FUNDRAISER featuring keynote speaker, Russell Feingold and other elected regional and local Democrats. If Bernie is to get anything done, he will need sane people to work with. If we are ever to recover from the damage done to our state over the past five years, we are going to need a strong slate of candidates, good information, good strategy and good people to make it happen. Tickets are $15. Come before 5 p.m. to buy them at the door. Please bring a dessert or appetizer if you plan to attend.

Another reason to consider attending: the party will elect new officers later this year. Some of us are party members and some are not. If you aren't but would like to be, now is the time to join and help elect the candidates who understand what needs to change. To be a candidate, you must become a member by November 1.

VOTER REGISTRATION for City of La Crosse. Oct. 20. Must pre-register with City Clerk. See details in 9/25 Bernie news. However, new legislation may eliminate Special Voter Registration Deputies! More details about this new Republican plan here:

BLUES FOR BERNIE - Oct. 20 The Brink Lounge, Madison. Bands and beers for Bernie!

IOWA JEFFERSON-JACKSON DINNER October 24 - see last week's Bernie news

IOWA DEMOCRATIC PARTY NIGHT OF COMEDY WITH BILL MAHER- Nov. 7, Stephens Auditorium, Iowa State U, Ames, Iowa.

YAHOO DIGITAL DEMOCRACY CONFERENCE - November 12 Drake University, Des Moines, Iowa. All day conference.

THIS CHANGES EVERYTHING (film) - November 18 from 6:30 to 8:30 p.m. at Marcus La Crosse Cinema (2032 Ward Ave.) Bernie says global warming is the number one biggest threat to our country. He agrees with the Pentagon and the Pope on this. This film, based on the important book by Naomi Klein, looks at how catastrophic climate change is already wrecking havoc across the globe, how our failed economic and other systems have led us to this point, and what we can and must do to ensure a habitable future (as Bernie said). This is a Tugg event - we must pre-sell 70 tickets by Nov. 10 in order for the event to happen. You can ONLY get tickets through the Tugg website:

HELP LAX4BERNIE GROW! Do you know people in our area who want to help elect Bernie Sanders? Please have them email: to be put on the mailing list and get information about local activities and opportunities to help or forward this newsletter to them.

STILL SEEKING A COUPLE OF CO-ORGANIZERS! NEED two or three people to help keep our activities organized - participate in state conference calls, help set up events, help put together this newsletter, keep track of our local mailing list, etc. If you have a few hours a week to spare on one or more of these or other organizing tasks, please email Cathy.

COOL BERNIE SITEs OF THE WEEK: If you're an Ellen fan and missed Bernie's appearance, you can watch here:

James shared this link to a great New Yorker profile of Bernie

and this youtube video - classic Ry Cooder! (a Bernie campaign song):

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