Wednesday, September 07, 2016

Invitation: protest art

You Are Invited to an Art Build for Activism Against Climate Change When: September 23, 24, 25, 2016 Where: The Norway Center, 2262 Winnebago St., Madison WI Hosted By: 350 Madison Climate Action Team Join us as we create art for activism against climate change. We will build giant puppets, large props, fish hats, banners, signs, and stencils for mud graffiti! (See photos below.) We especially want to engage young people. And we hope to train activists from other organizations so that they can organize future Art Builds around their own issues! If you are coming a long way and don't have friends to stay with, we will try to find homes for you among our supporters. The sooner you let us know, the more likely we can find places. We were fortunate to receive a $2400 grant from This grant allows us to rent a large space and purchase many art materials. All you need to bring are yourselves, your work clothes and your creativity. We will have the materials, instructors and tools to create the art that we need for our climate change advocacy. Art pieces that we create will belong to 350 Madison, but they will be available to other groups to borrow. We see this event as a “barn raising” – you help us, and in return you get fed, entertained, and you learn how to “raise a barn”-- in this case, how to create inspiring art for your cause. There will be food, non-alcoholic drinks, and possibly music. We are open to volunteer musicians performing for us, as long as they understand that conversation and work won't stop during performances. (There is an upright piano in the space.) This will be a fun event where participants learn new skills, make new friends, and feel the satisfaction of creation for our common goal of a livable planet! If your group would like to participate, please complete the attached sign-up form soon! Or go to our Facebook event at There you'll find an online form that you can fill out. Time slots may fill up quickly, as we think that 30 people is ideal in the space that we have. Though we'll buy the more expensive materials, you can help stretch our grant dollars by donating things like cardboard, brown paper bags, large yogurt containers, and leftover low VOC housepaints in bright colors. If you would like to serve on the Steering Committee for this ambitious project, we welcome your participation. This is your chance to learn how to plan and pull off an Art Build for your organization! Sincerely, Phyllis Hasbrouck Co-Coordinator, 350 Madison H - 608-223-9571 C – 608-528-2605

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