Wednesday, April 04, 2018


Congratulations to all who voted for the right candidates and issues yesterday. The Republican-backed WI Supreme Court candidate lost (not sure we should be calling new Justice Dallet a progressive or even a liberal, but she's not a Republican puppet at least.)

We get to keep our State Treasurer's office - ready and waiting for real and important duties after we awake from the Walker nightmare later this year.

La Crosse United to Amend scored HUGE, with 88% of city residents backing a constitutional amendment to restore human (not corporate) rule to government.

Many good local candidates retained or gained seats including a new progressive mayor in Viroqua.

It's a good turn, but the public good and good government are still being dismantled and endangered (check out today's forum on the university system for example).

There's lots to do to continue turning the bus from the cliff. Let's do it.

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