Monday, August 19, 2019


If you haven't yet, please email Wisconsin's DNC members and ask them to vote yes on the Podlodowski resolution at this week's DNC meeting in California. Be aware that DNC chair, Tom Perez has introduced a competing toothless resolution. Read more at Huffington Post. (Unfortunately, this is just business as usual for Perez.) Two Wisconsin DNC members are already on board. Thank you Andrew Werthmann and Khary Penebaker. The others are Martha LoveJanet BewleyBen WiklerMahlon Mitchell, and Felesia Martin.

On Tuesday, 8/20, State Senator Jennifer Shilling is hosting a birthday fundraiser. If you can attend, do. If not, consider a donation and, coming up, volunteering. Shilling won her last election by a very slim margin last time. State Republicans are hoping to gain enough seats in 2020 to provide a "veto proof" majority. We can only imagine what that might mean for the ghost of progressive Wisconsin.

On Thursday, Kevin Kane will meet with La Crosse area folks interested in organizing a Citizen Action co-op in our region. If interested, sign up at the FB event page.

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