Thursday, December 19, 2019

Back to work

The first votes in the 2020 election will be held in February, just a few weeks away. Iowa primaries are on Tuesday, February 3 followed by more early states' votes and March 3 Super Tuesday, this time with California. The spring is about to be sprung.

Now is the time for volunteers to ramp it up - make more phone calls, send texts, donate, head to an Iowa town to spend an afternoon canvassing.

If we want a habitable climate and a more just society, then we need to ensure a climate, people-focused candidate goes into early primary elections strong.

If Bernie's your candidate, visit to sign up for canvassing. Take a car load. To work from home, sign up to call ( or text bank (

UPDATE: Two Bernie phonebanks in La Crosse - Dec. 22 from 11:30 am to 1:30 pm and on Dec. 29 from noon to 2 pm. Sign up at links!

Please do not nit-pick us into Joe Biden or "Mayor Pete" et al by bringing up a thirty year old article or spin on an old speech, or worse, a rw troll's lie that taints your pure progressive bubble and poisons you against anybody but. We can't afford it. 

Several progressive leaders, from Robert Reich to Naomi Klein to Norman Solomon have reminded us to keep our eyes on the prize and our focus on the overall goal. I'm with them.

Don't forget the sorry state of formerly progressive Wisconsin where the new normal is that people who may not read all their mail (or, if you live in my neighborhood, where your mail carrier regularly delivers your mail to someone else and someone else's mail to you) are suddenly ineligible to vote because some for-profit vendor paid for by our tax dollars (mis)identifies them as having moved.

There's a Supreme Court primary in February that needs our attention. As Wisconsin Republicans continue seeking ways to disenfranchise voters (funny how the constitutional right to vote is now no more secure, apparently, than a pile of Kohl's cash), the Wisconsin Democratic Party has vowed to ensure as many as possible are registered, re-registered, and able to vote.

Sign up to help your fellow citizens by calling and canvassing locally. Contact the local DPW organizer, PeterK-at-wisdems-dot-org. Sign up to help other environment and social justice groups canvass and educate voters. 

One impeachment vote (thank you, Ron Kind) does not bring us back to whatever normal might have been or might never have been for a large number of our neighbors. Now we need to double down on calling, donating, writing, canvassing, and working. Our "leaders" are still supporting obscene military spending, institutional racism, guns>ppl, illegal treatment of immigrants, big pharma, big insurance, big banks, big business, and the murder of our future by forced fossil fuel addiction.

The theater of impeachment plays out on top of the everyday injustice, violence, greed, and corruption. That has to change. "We just wanna party." This is America

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