Friday, April 16, 2021

Your action needed

The Resolution, “Racism is a Public Health Crisis”, recently passed unanimously from the Health and Human Service Subcommittee of the La Crosse County Board.

The next step is crucial. The resolution needs to pass at the full County Board of Supervisors meeting on Tuesday, April 20th to become effective. 

Please consider emailing the County Board of Supervisors in support of the resolution, "Racism is a Public Health Crisis".   Even if you have contacted the Board prior to the earlier meeting, we encourage you to write again.

and/or your specific Board representative

La Crosse County Board Contact Information

 Note that public comment will not be allowed at this meeting. 

It is abundantly clear that racism is lethal to Black Americans as well as indigenous people and other people of color. It kills in obvious ways (e.g., acts of individual and police violence against BIPOC) and also by fueling more subtle socioeconomic conditions (e.g., inequitable access to education, housing, employment; bias in the judicial and criminal justice system) that, in turn, contribute to serious health issues such as increased risk of diabetes, stress, maternal mortality, hypertension, asthma, mental health conditions, and heart disease. These factors, along with other realities into which many BIPOC people are born and live, work, and play (i.e., the social determinants of health) are key drivers of unfair and unavoidable health inequities that, too often, result in illness and premature death. - Cornell Health, Cornell University, Racism as a Public Health Crisis initiative

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