Monday, January 30, 2023

Election coming!

There is a primary election on Tuesday, Feb. 21. 

Included on the ballots: a VERY VERY IMPORTANT Wisconsin Supreme Court primary and other "non-partisan" primaries, including a winnowing of La Crosse school board candidates.

Please plan to vote in this election! Please encourage and help every sane citizen you know to vote in this election. The Supreme Court primary is particularly important. You can read more about it in the New York Times - "The most important election in America."

The City's clerk has released information about the election and absentee ballots:

Absentee ballots for the February 21st Spring Primary have been mailed

Sent to those electors with a request on file

Notice to City of La Crosse Residents

Absentee ballots for the February 21st Spring Primary have been mailed to electors who have a request on file.  If you requested an absentee ballot, please watch for it in your mail and PLEASE READ the instructions and methods for returning your voted ballot.

If you wish to receive an absentee ballot by mail for the upcoming election, you can submit your request at The deadline to request a ballot by mail is Thursday, February 16th.

In-person absentee voting will open on Tuesday, February 7th and closes on Friday, February 17th with the following location and hours:

La Crosse City Hall – 400 La Crosse Street *this location only

Monday through Thursday 8:00a–4:00p

Friday, February 17th 8:00a – 5:00p by appointment only on this day, call 608-789-7510

Remember to bring your acceptable Photo ID when voting absentee.  You may register to vote during the posted absentee voting hours with acceptable Proof of Residence.  You may also return your voted absentee ballot in person during these absentee hours (do not use the drop box).  For more information on Photo ID, Proof of Residence, returning voted absentee ballots and more, visit the City’s website and search Elections and Voting.

An elector who, due to disability or impairment, which includes being immunocompromised, is unable to enter the polling place may receive a ballot at the entrance to the polling place or curbside.  Electors may also register to vote curbside.  A phone number is posted near the accessible parking.

Questions?  Please call the City Clerk’s Office at 608-789-7510 or 

Nikki M. Elsen, WCMC

City Clerk

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