Tuesday, February 07, 2023


The spring primary is Tuesday, February 21. Voting "absentee in person" starts today. Some call it early voting, but Republicans have ensured that clerks must wait until election day to start opening absentee ballots, one reason why, when many vote, results might seem slow or delayed.

They've also made it harder to register, removed most ballot drop boxes, and rigged voting districts to give themselves control of the legislature, which is why the election  this spring has been called, the most important election in America.

Alas, some of those dimocrats are notorious for sitting out off-year elections. Veteran canvassers will tell you that knocking doors during "non-partisan" elections is even more frustrating than talking to voters who don't know who their representatives are or "don't do politics." Turnout to elect Supreme Court justices and other important officials some deem, "not that important," is usually incredibly low. 

BUT, this year, we have to do whatever it takes to ensure that the Wisconsin Supreme Court shifts (back) to a sane majority, one that doesn't take orders from the big orange blob, the big blob's mob, ALEC, or any one other than a fair reading of Wisconsin laws as if every state resident is equal.

Citizen Action of Wisconsin concludes that we have two choices in the primary. Just think--if enough people voted in February, giving these two candidates the most votes, April 4 would be a beautiful day. It wouldn't matter how many magas were drawn from their caves by the scent of inflicting more hardship on low-income neighbors or more unfair treatment for low-income people accused of crimes.

Check your registration and polling place at myvote wi.gov, then, if you can, donate or help GOTV (the Dems and others are canvassing and phone banking this election). Pick a candidate--one who will rule for women's autonomy and fair maps--and take your friends and relatives with you to vote for either Janet Protasiewicz or Everett Mitchell

And if they say "not important" share this article from Up North News: How Wisconsin's Spring Election Will Impact Your Life for the Next 10+ Years.

Next, La Crosse school board.

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