Tuesday, October 18, 2005

Are Progressives Schizophrenic?

Are progressives schizophrenic?:
David Sirota argues YES! in his latest Huffington Post post. "we rightly decry politicians that on issue after issue seem to slither around in the Washington, D.C. mud like invertebrates, desperate to evade any sort of concrete position. Then, we turn around and venerate politicians/candidates based on little more than rhetoric and so-called 'profile' - qualities that have nothing to do with actually demanding or rewarding politicians/candidates that have specific convictions." Anybody but (insert name of latest right-wing criminal politician here)? Or "this I believe"? While Sirota argues that values voters are needed within the Democratic party, maybe Democrats need to see if that coat still fits and be willing to trade it in for a GREEN one when the opportunity presents itself.

When, year after year, even the most promising of Democrats (Russell Feingold comes to mind) turns coat and backs a particularly odious bill or appointee, you have to wonder, what's the use? Particularly in these days as the whole foundation of our political life is getting an extreme makeover by corporatist Republicans, even Russell Feingold doesn't seem to get it.

His statement during the Roberts nomination hearings,

"History has shown that control of the White House, and with it the power to shape the courts, never stays for too long with one party. When my party retakes the White House, there may very well be a Democratic John Roberts nominated to the Court, a man or woman with outstanding qualifications, highly respected by virtually everyone in the legal community, and perhaps with a paper trail of political experience or service on the progressive side of the ideological spectrum. When that day comes, and it will, that will be the test for this Committee and the Senate. And, in the end, it is one of the central reasons I will vote to confirm Judge John Roberts to be perhaps the last Chief Justice of the United States in my lifetime,"

makes it clear that Senator Feingold still thinks we are playing a badminton game when in fact the venue has been switched to WWE Ultimate Smack-Down.

Ok - he can go into this next round with his newly strung racquet, but I am looking for the Progo-Terminator to hold onto Roe, the Endangered Species Act, a non-political Park Service, a no-torture civil society and so much more.

I agree with Sirota that the "grass roots" needs to quit being so timid and back candidates on substance over style. I just think Sirota is too timid himself in limiting his field of candidates.

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