Tuesday, August 29, 2006


From Guy:

We have the official PowerPoint program presented to the Rochester City Council on the new proposed ATC 345 kV Transmission line(S) to La Crosse and across southwest Wisconsin. Western Wisconsin will not only encounter one line crossing the Mississippi River, but potentially three, and it/they will likely travel down along the Mississippi River Corridor from Prairie Island to La Crosse (Xcel is proposing a new coal plant in Durand).

This is a major travesty of significant environmental and social impacts. While environmentalists, conservations, and cities have fought to protect the Mississippi River and its bluffs and cities, this line would cross significant portions of Tribal Lands, three large urban areas, and large areas of Federal Lands (meaning the Upper Mississippi River Refugee.)

As the PowerPoint articulates, "using existing line corridors does NOT address planning issues". This means new lines on new corridors.

If you would like the PowerPoint presentation for your group, class, church or community organization, please email.

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