Friday, August 25, 2006


Joseph Lieberman probably helped Al Gore "lose" the presidency in 2000. The poster-DINO (Democrat in Name Only), Lieberman has supported censorship, restrictions on women's autonomy, equal rights for gay and lesbian citizens and, of course, the Bush "doctrine" - you have it, we want it, we take it.

Ned Lamont beat Lieberman in the Demo primary and is now Connecticut's democratic candidate for the senate.

In Wisconsin, we have our own Lieberman problem and his name is Herb Kohl. Yes, he has cast some "good" votes on some issues but a quick check at Project Vote Smart gives a better picture of the fence upon which he is perching.

He just voted to criminalize adults who help minors seek out of state abortions. He voted in favor of the banking industry written bankruptcy bill. And he continues to support the Bush invasion and occupation of Iraq.

There's no Lamont to run against Kohl in a primary BUT there is another choice. Rae Vogeler is running as a Green Party candidate. She is a credible, smart alternative for those who are tired of holding their breath every time Kohl casts a vote.

Vogeler will support human rights, women's rights, education, health care, labor and middle class families AND she will oppose the continuation of the occupation of Iraq.

If you are tired of feeling like your choices are limited, check out Rae Vogeler's site and see if her ideals match yours.

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