Thursday, September 28, 2006

How low can they go?

This post, The Constitution has its Darkest Day While Harry Reid Sucks an Egg, by Howard Rodman, says it all.

Not only didn't the Democrats filibuster this bill or otherwise derail it (and they could have) but, in the end, many of them voted for it.

As Rodman notes, "This was and is one of the most important votes in our liftime, if you believe in the Constitution, the idea of justice, that kind of thing. Why did the Democratic leadership cave? Because they were afraid of being accused of being 'soft on terror.'

"Guess what? They're going to be accused of that anyway."

Democrat Ron Kind continues to vote for war funding and send silly letters to consitutents who beg him not to (see below). Democrat Herb Kohl meekly votes no rather than leading the charge against "the darkest blot on the conscience of the nation." Democrat Russell Feingold defends the merciless destruction of Lebanon by Israel as "self-defense."

And this is the opposition party?

I don't think so.

Who is? I don't know. Rae Vogeler, Green Party candidate, is an intelligent leader who would be a true progressive in the Senate. But she has little money and Kohl won't debate her and the loyal Democrats are afraid of losing a LieberKohl for someone who actually would stand for what they say they stand for.

Ron Kind lost 20% of the primary vote to Chip DeNure who was hardly a progressive's ideal, as he admitted himself. What if a real progressive opposed Kind in the next election?

What if? What if?

We don't have too much time left for polite "what iffin'" at this rate.

We need some real leaders. And we need some real citizens. And quick.

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