Tuesday, September 05, 2006

Why I am supporting Chip

Chip DeNure is running in the Democratic primary (September 12) against our current Democratic Congressman, Ron Kind. Kind is good on some issues, notably environment and education. BUT he has totally dropped the ball in representing his constituents on the invasion and continuing occupation of Iraq.

As others have pointed out, he held a public meeting then did exactly what most of his constituents begged him not to do. And he thinks he can get away with it because he wrote a letter! Sorry, no.

I disagree with Chip on several issues, but, as he said, he is a one issue candidate in this election. Chip would work to get the US out of Iraq. Kind will not.

I know - Chip is in favor of concealed carry and thinks he knows better than any woman what she should do with her own body and he has some idea that the Bush administration isn't telling the truth when it comes to 911.


We voters have tried the carrot and cajoling. We've tried lobbying, writing and talking. We've passed a resolution demanding troops home now. But Kind is deaf on this most important issue.

So, I am voting for Chip. Because we can't go on like this. Billions of dollars that could have paid for health care, scholarships, social programs, business incubation, infrastructure repair and much more - gone.

If Chip wins, then we can start lobbying him about the other things. But we'll be one step closer to being out of Iraq.

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