Monday, October 16, 2006

On a roll . . .

from Guy:

Thanks to all who supported the Environmental/Diversity/Peace Bus. We still need your help to meet our goal of raising $6,000. We have raised almost $3,800!! Much thanks to John and Liz Webster who worked so hard to support us in bringing Christiane Engel to La Crosse!!! Such incredible dedication!

Thanks to the Native American Student Association who helped us sponsor a VICTORY PARTY to celebrate the end of the Skull Valley Goshute Nuclear Waste Dump! This was an eight year fight for people across the country. It means that 60,000 shipments of nuclear waste are unlikely to pass our rails/roads on their way to Utah. NOW LETS SHUT DOWN THE YUCCA MT. DUMP!

Thanks to Xong Xiong who was presented the "Organizer of the Year Award" for young adults at the Wisconsin Network for Peace and Justice Annual Conference in La Crosse this weekend. And congrats to Patty Zanski, Deborah Buffton, and Christine Meisenheimer who received awards of recognition at this weekend's event.

Thanks to the UWL Environmental Council for launching the Campus Climate Challenge this past Thursday at UWL. A special thanks to Carrie for all her work~

Thanks to everyone who is canvassing, tabling, doing voter registration, helping with forums to make this election a great one for Progressives...

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