Wednesday, October 25, 2006

June Kjome reports on peace activist court hearing date in LaX

In a previous article on KickTime we highlighted the citation of peace activists at Senator Kohl's office in La Crosse.  They appeared in court today and the charges were dropped.  June Kjome relates the following:

The court hearing did not happen  because the case was dismissed.  However, we did meet with our attorney and later this morning had a press conference to share our  purpose for doing what we did.  The press who came were from The La  Crosse Tribune, WLSU  (the Wisconsin public radio station on UW-l)  and Channel 19.

June also adds that "We are not certain what  we will do next.  We do not want to  give up on trying to talk with Senator Kohl.  We are tired of "form  letter responses" and  talking with aides."

I'll add a link here if the LaX Tribune covers their story tomorrow.

[and here's the link.]

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