Wednesday, December 06, 2006

Sleeping with the enemy

[UPDATE: Kind discouraged about Iraq after meeting with Bush. Duh!]

Many of us feel Ron Kind is not a good representative. He's too iffy on important issues. Remember standing outside the Allied Health Center with the Wisconsin Farmers Union urging Kind to oppose CAFTA? Eventually he did, but the fact that he wasn't a leader against this bad law from the beginning is just one instance of his wishy-washy fence-sitting.

Now, we see, he's joined the Joe Lieberman branch of the non-Democratic party and represented the "New Democrats, a group of business-friendly centrists," at a meeting at the White House.

With Democrats like these, who needs an opposition party? We do!

If you've read any of the La Crosse County Democrats' newsletters you've noticed a list of values (amazingly similar to those of the Green Party). Congressman Kind must not have read them.

Now that the Democrats are in the majority in the House it would be nice to think that something progressive will get done (pick one: health care, education, cutting off Iraq war funding, ...) but judging by past experience, we are not holding our breath.

Who will oppose Kind in 2008?

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