Tuesday, November 28, 2006

A matter of degrees

If I invited the citizens of La Crosse down to the Mississippi River for a festival so they could dump their paints and household contaminents into the river creating beautiful patterns under the winter moonlight, and then encouraged them to drive their cars down to watch the patterns and hit them up for a donation of food for local food pantries, I guess the La Crosse Tribune would praise me.

Ya think?

Once again, Rotary light in La Crosse has taken over the city park so they can use up tens of thousands of kilowatt hours and encourage people to spew even more crap into the globally warming atmosphere by driving their cars around the park to see 1.6 million lights. Last year's light display used 48,000 kilowatt hours of electricity. Unless they've converted their display to LEDs.

Actually, there are 20,000 LED lights. Out of 1,600,000 (about 1% of the total). Hmmm.

(Check the Electric Power Pollution Calculator for more details.)

But at least, thanks be to God, the publicly owned city park is providing, "a true Christmas experience" for visitors.

Good grief.

Anyone in the Coulee Progressive community interested in preparing a presentation for the Rotary Club to get them to cut out this wasteful and environmentally harmful event and instead find some other way to gather money and food for good causes?

Please email me.

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