Tuesday, January 16, 2007

UPDATED: Where's Kind-O?

[UPDATE 2: Here's a better site to keep track of all Representatives' and Senators' sponsorship and co-sponsorship of bills. As of Jan. 25, Kind has not sponsored or co-sponsored ANY bills about Iraq troop redeployment, funding, withdrawal.]

UPDATE: There are several BINDING resolutions recently introduced to follow the will of the people, as expressed in polls and the recent midterm elections, and end the occupation of Iraq by U.S. forces. You can read a rundown here. But, where's Ron Kind? Hmmmm? Isn't he concerned that Iraq is "bleeding our nation"?
  • H.R. 353, introduced on January 9th by Rep. Ed Markey. House counterpart to Kennedy's Senate bill prohibiting funds for any more troops in Iraq. Fifteen co-sponsors. Where's KIND-O?

  • HR 438 - To prohibit an escalation in the number of members of the United States Armed Forces deployed in Iraq. Introduced by Rep. Jesse Jackson, Jr. on 1/12. One co-sponsor. Where's KIND-O?

  • HJR 14, introduced on January 12th by Rep. Walter Jones (R-NC). Concerning the use of military force by the United States against Iran. Eleven co-sponsors, including two more Republicans. Where's KIND-O?

  • HR 455 - "Protect the Troops and Bring Them Home Act of 2007." One co-sponsor. Where's KIND-O?

  • HR 508 - "The Bring Our Troops Home and Sovereignty of Iraq Restoration Act." Introduced 1/17 by Rep. Lynn Woolsey with two co-sponsors so far. Where's KIND-O?

Contact Ron Kind and let him know you think he should start taking some action to go with his March 2003 and October 2003 and September 2004 and December 2006 tough talk.

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I don't really like Patrick Buchanan. But he's right to call the Democrats in Congress who voted for the war before they want to vote against it contemptible.

In particular, Buchanan points out that, while Bush has clearly signaled his intent to attack Iran next, Democrats are still tiptoeing around non-binding resolutions. And "King Democrat", Lieberman, who was defeated in his primary and had to run as a third party (which has now been taken over by critics) "independent Democrat", is the lone "bi-partisan" enabler of the Iraq occupation and, no doubt, the planned aggression against Iran.

Buchanan notes that it is North Carolina REPUBLICAN, Walter Jones, who had an
anti-war epiphany
a couple of years ago, who is doing the most now to ensure that Iran is not on the list - as much as a human in the real world can do to affect a president living in a fantasy land.

Jones' Joint Resolution, "Concerning the Use of Military Force by the United States Against Iran," (HJR 14) forbids the use of force against Iran unless Congress is consulted and approves first.

So, first, contact Ron Kind and strongly urge him to co-sponsor Rep. Jones' bill. Then read Buchanan's article at AntiWar.com

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