Tuesday, April 10, 2007


[Recycling an email sent earlier] Remember, April 11, Ron Kind at La Crosse Public Library. Be there at 9:30 a.m.

The other day I listened to Kathleen Dunn's WPR program. She interviewed two investigative reporters about their latest article in Vanity Fair about a private contractor, SAIC, which raked in 8 BILLION of tax dollars last year, much of it related to Bush's adventure in Iraq. Please listen to it!

One quote, "If your listeners make less than $100,000 dollars, chances are most of the federal taxes they pay this year will go to SAIC."

SAIC's most visible face a few months ago, was David Kay, the guy who spent years scaring people about Iraq's weapons of mass destruction and then months searching for (and never finding) them (at taxpayers' expense). SAIC is all over Iraq, claiming marvelous technology and never delivering.

SAIC, Halliburton, KBR, Blackwater - this is the another face of the continuing occupation of Iraq. (Here's a DailyKos diary about cronyism and BODY ARMOR ) Read more rant below.
Recently, we closed last year's Bring Them Home LaX website. After that successful referendum, I moved most of the files to this site.

When that site was closed, about 2250 U.S. service men and women had died conquering and occupying Iraq. That number this morning is 3292 - more than 1,000 additional U.S. troop deaths since we voted last year to end the occupation and tens of thousands of Iraqi deaths.

There are about four MILLION Iraqi civilian refugees (half internally displaced and 2 million now outside of Iraq.) This has been called the biggest refugee crisis since 1948.

The Iraq civilian casualty (650,000+) figure, poo-poohed by the Bush administration, has been shown to be accurate.

Mercenaries are the second largest military contingent in Iraq (see this new article about "Military Contractor Wants to Build Mercenary Camp" - and this one about the slave laborers being used to build the new Empire Embassy in Iraq - )

The question is, why doesn't anyone just say STOP!? Why did the Dems agree to fund one more year of slaughter. Do they think something is going to change? Or are they just using the death and destruction to win political points in next year's elections?


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