Sunday, April 01, 2007

Supreme Court for Sale

David and GoliathOf course, the supreme court race is but one in a series of super high dollar struggles between rich Republicans and the rest of us. But the gloves and masks are obviously off and it seems that this race may be, or maybe MUST be, the last stand of the people against the cronies. LINDA CLIFFORD NEEDS YOUR HELP!

Marcia just passed along this cheery news: "We just found out that the Wisconsin Manufacturers and Commerce has dropped another $730,000 in TV commercials for Annette Ziegler the last 4 days before the election."

The Wisconsin Democracy Campaign has documented Republican "third party" issue ads and extraordinary spending in this race and that pits Madison attorney, Linda Clifford, against Republican Ziegler who has violated the Judicial Code of Conduct dozens of times during her tenure as a state circuit judge. Please read more below!

Please email Marcia if you can help make phone calls for the good candidate.

Right now many believe the Wisconsin Supreme Court is evenly split between Republican/Wisconsin Manufacturers and Commerce/Wisconsin "Right to Life" judges and, on the other (our) side, human judges who actually believe that the constitution is meant to protect the rights of the people.

If the Republic/WMC/"Right to Life" candidate is elected, we are not going to be happy.

Do what you can to get the word out.

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