Friday, November 13, 2009

Rate hikes and serfdom

serfsFor Xcel's explanation of its rate increase request, read this document.

I can't tell if the public comment period is over or not, but you can email the PSC (docket #4220-UR-116) with your comments on the proposed rate increases. This page talks about how to provide comments to the PSC.

It seems other Xcel states are none too happy about paying higher rates when Excel execs waste money on extravagant dinners, spas, box seats at sports events and other luxuries.

In this Wednesday, Nov. 11 article from the Colorado Independent, we learn that:
Some of those 2008 travel and entertainment expenses include $9,524 of a $41,890 bill for a board retreat at the plush St. Julien Hotel and Spa in Boulder; $5,410 of a $9,721 bill for Colorado Avalanche games; $19,323 of a $26,639 bill for “other employee related sporting activity”; $3,746 of an $11,958 tab at McCormick’s Fish House and Bar in Denver; and $3,458 of a staggering $15,211 bill at Frasca restaurant in Boulder.
Really, have we progressed all that much?


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