Saturday, February 13, 2010

Update on plastics recycling

[from Carolyn & Glen]

Thursday, February 11, 2010 the Common Council voted to support the recycle resolution. The Public Works department has up to 60 days to negotiate with Harter waste removal. Earlier in the week Harter offered a better rate/cost for adding the recycling of plastics #1 & #2. The new offer was $.07 per month per household verses the $.25 per month per household. In addition to this better rate Harter also wanted their contract extended to 2015. Presently the contract is through 2012. After the Public Works department has negotiated with Harter they will bring back a proposal. By mid April we will probably hear something, if not sooner.

When the city and county agreed to become an Eco-municipality with that came the responsibility of governing and living with The Natural Step principles guiding environmentally purposeful decisions. ... The recycling of plastics #1 and #2 and not creating more virgin plastics from fossil fuels is an opportunity for this community to eliminate our fossil fuel dependence. Recycling also eliminates our community's contribution to wasteful use of synthetic substances (plastics) which research is finding to be more detrimental than once realized. Although reduction of use would be the best for the planet, recycling is a good start.

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