Thursday, September 18, 2014

Climate Emergency

I don't know what more needs to be done to convince people that a major disaster is unfolding before our eyhes. I told a friend, maybe we should run ads of the Koch brothers beheading the Earth (that's, after all, what's happening) and then people might take fossil fuel driven climate change seriously.

We went to a screening of Disruption the other night at UW-L. The film was free. There were no more than forty people there, mostly students and mostly students who are already in the student environmental movement. Where were the other students? The ones whose lives and world will be forever changed by what we do now and in the next twenty to thirty years?

I had looked into showing a film called The Wisdom to Survive: Climate Change, Capitalism and Community. But I wonder who will come to it and who should come to it? Maybe we will host a screening near the end of October or early November.

I just read an article about the desperate search for Alberta tar sands producers to find new ways to export that poison. The title alone makes you want to cry, "If all else fails, let's go north."

Meanwhile, while the Democrats are nothing to be proud of, Republican control of the Senate, predicted for this midterm election by several polling institutions, would all but guarantee that we will get nowhere even faster on the climate change fight.

So, my plan to use less electricity and drive fewer miles this year is proceeding apace, but I don't know that it'll make one whit of difference in the hell we are creating for our children.

Oh, yes, and Republican appeals court justices are idiots, too.

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