Tuesday, September 09, 2014

Take two aspirin ...

We are burning up. New data, studies, predictions, and observations show that we are heading for the climate cliff.

On September 21, a large People's Climate March will be held in New York City. Buses are traveling from Minneapolis through Eau Claire and Madison. If you're interested, check here. You may also be interested in taking Amtrak (though you will need to leave at least a day early to account for scheduling difficulties caused by OIL TRAINS!)

If you can't make it to New York on the 21st, consider attending the not-yet-finalized LA CROSSE PEOPLE'S CLIMATE RALLY. Details will be available next week.

And in the meantime, it's time to act. We need to stop dirty fossil fuels, we need to demand a new renewable energy future. We need to use less energy, find new, less polluting ways to travel, and get serious about reducing our individual and community climate footprints.

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