Sunday, November 13, 2016

Thanks to the thousands of you that tuned in on Friday, and for all the hopeful and insights comments shared.
The session tackled questions like:
  • How does our work across movements change under a Trump Presidency?
  • How do we relate to people who supported Trump?
  • What's one clear next step for people listening to this call?
Huge thanks to the speakers for making this a conversation to remember. It means so much that leaders across movements for climate justice, for Black lives, for immigrant justice, for Muslim communities, for economic justice, and more could join together in this moment. Find out more about their work and ways to plug in here:
With Trump as President-Elect, there's no denying that our jobs are harder now. It's tough to grasp fully what the coming months will bring, but I think Friday’s conversation was an important step toward understanding where we are, and imagining a new path that we can -- and will -- blaze together.

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