Monday, July 10, 2017

July LCDP Meeting - Independents, Are you Independent?

Just a heads up to anyone in La Crosse county, there will be a Democratic Party meeting next Monday at the Three Rivers House (724 Main Street) in the basement starting at 6:30 PM. Here is a link to the Facebook event. I know that many who follow this blog do not identify as Democrats and have valid complaints about the party. However, I think this quote from the Nation makes a strong case for independents joining a party.

'While around four-in-10 voters say they’re independents, very few are actually swing voters. In fact, according to an analysis of voting patterns conducted by Michigan State University political scientist Corwin Smidt, those who identify as independents today are more stable in their support for one or the other party than were “strong partisans” back in the 1970s.' (Full Article if you are interested)

I think everyone reading this can take a minute to think about how often they vote across party lines or for third party candidates. If you find that it is rarely to never, come join the party to be a part of the candidate selection process and push for what you want to see in politics.

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