Monday, October 15, 2018

Vote with your ballot (and your roof)

Absentee in person voting has started. In La Crosse, head to the City Clerk's office 2nd floor City Hall) between 8:30 a.m. and 5:00 p.m. The clerk's website has more info, including a sample ballot. If you don't live in the city of La Crossed, contact your municipal clerk and check for your details. (If you vote early, you will be available for GOTV or driving people to vote or helping at the polls on election day).

One reason this election is so important is the increasingly dire warnings about catastrophic global warming. The latest report (and this is the concensus version which "waters down" some if the worst news) tells us we must make immediate and major large scale changes to carbon emitting systems. In addition, new warnings from cyber security experts, detail the apocalyptic effects a cyber attack on the US electricity and gas grid could have. Now is the time to plan to become as energy self-sufficient as possible.

On Tuesday at 6:30 pm you can learn about the Sierra Club's partnership with SunVest, Inc. to help people install solar on their rooftops. The program, at the Ho-Chunk Three Rivers House, 8th & Main, is free and open to all. Those who sign up for the Sierra Club/SunVest program will receive a free site assessment and analysis of solar capacity, cost, and payback time. The group buy gives a discount to those who sign up and SunVest will donate to the Sierra Club for every completed project. Read more about it at

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