Monday, January 14, 2019

Sen. Ron Johnson Tele Town Hall Wednesday

Kathy sent info about a "tele-town hall" with Sen. Ron Johnson on Wednesday, January 16 at 2 p.m.

Sign up here:

The way these have worked in the past is that you sign up and then *they* call *you* at about 2 pm. You MUST answer the robo call or you will not get in. So, if the pasta is boiling over, if the cat has knocked over a gallon of water onto your freshly refinished hardwood floor, if the baby has fallen out of her crib, answer the phone FIRST or you will not get in.

If you do not answer the robo call, you are OUT. There is no call in number if you miss the call. Game Over.

But if you DO answer, your participation is not assured because if some robo glitch occurs up front that knocks you off the call -- beep-beep-beep-beep -- then you are now OUT. Game Over.

But if no robo glitch occurs up front, and I can only describe the one time I've made it this far in the game, then you will hear Sen Ron Johnson giving his interpretation of events. If you can stomach that, you might be on your way to tele-town hall victory. But ... if it's making you ill, don't worry.  You may experience what I did. After about two minutes of alternate facts, a glitch knocked me out. Game Over.

I believe there may be opportunites for people who don't get knocked out of the game to ask questions but given the set up, I can imagine that pre-arranged approved questioners are allowed in and real constituents are not. But that's just a guess as I've never made it that far.

You could also try calling his offices daily to ask why if a foreign power knocks out the Fish and Wildlife Service, IRS, food safety, TSA, and countless other vital services, it's an aggressive act, but if Republicans do it by failing to pass funding bills, it's not. But, even then, it's probable you'll get only an answering machine. Game Over.

DC office: 202 224-5323
Oshkosh:  920 230-7250
Madison: 608 240-9626

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