Wednesday, January 02, 2019

Voter Suppression Film Thursday


Thursday, January 3rdat 7 -9 pm
The Rivoli Theatre and Pizzeria
117 N. 4thSt., La Crosse, WI

RSVP HERE. (Suggested Donation $10 at door)
The film, Capturing the Flag, reveals how a team of voter protection volunteers uncovered striking evidence of voter suppression in North Carolina during the 2016 election - post-partial repeal of the Voting Rights Act.
The short film (1-hour 16-min.) will be followed by a discussion about the film and how to forge strategically forward toward changing the systemic shortcomings of democracy, followed by community announcements from people attending.

About the hosts:

The Democracy Reform Ranking Project is a live event tour coupled with a democracy survey to engage people about reforms they believe would most improve our democracy. It is a campaign designed to offer an ongoing opportunity for engagement to citizens who are concerned about the direction and effectiveness of representative government. The goal is to empower participants to work with each other to launch initiatives in their own home communities and grow the DRRP network in order to fuel a powerful democracy movement.

Blue Jean Nation aims to change how we talk with each other so we can overcome growing divisions on the highly polarized political landscape and hash out our differences. We also want to equip citizens to be involved in a people-powered democracy so that the direction of our country is decided by the many, not the money. In doing so, we hope to challenge the political establishment to change its ways with the goal of transforming political systems.

Donations will go towards the cost of the film, venue, and the Democracy Reform Ranking Project’s pilot expenses.
Contact: Jennifer Karius at 607-269-5104 or or Beth Hartung at for more information and for tabling at the event.

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