Sunday, September 15, 2019

Climate Strike! Join us!!

La Crosse youth and adults are planning Climate Strike events to coincide with the Global Climate Strike on September 20. This is big. Not only will millions around the world be marching and rallying to bring attention to the climate crisis, people of La Crosse will rally, too.

But getting the world out, competing with business as usual, has been hard. So this is our plea: tell everyone about the Friday, September 20 Global Climate Strike and encourage them to get involved locally.

First, read and SIGN THE LETTER to Rep. Ron Kind that urges him to support real and immediate climate action legislation. This is not a "political" thing. This is a fundamental right of citizens thing! Sign the letter and encourage your groups and contacts to sign the letter.

Then read about and share the events highlighted at the event page. Events include a morning commuter visibility at La Crosse St. & Losey, two afternoon student strikes, and an evening march and rally.

Download and share the flyer - on social media, at your school or office, via email.

Last, attend and bring others to the events. Talk about the climate crisis every day. Relate what we are not doing right now to what we are doing to our future. Sunday's La Crosse Tribune had a great editorial about the consequences of our inaction.

This is the most important thing. Drop your current most important thing for one day and help the 9/20 Climate Strike break through the celebrity news and the Packers news and all the other distractions. The future of our planet and our children is on the line. Don't ignore them.

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