Saturday, January 04, 2020

An invitation

Fifteen years ago, we started Coulee Progressives so people working on issues dealing with a livable planet, war and peace, social and economic justice, health care, voting rights, and all the other issues we are still working on would be able to find each other and help each other. It's no good when you have three different groups working on the same thing but not connecting on ideas and energy. It's frustrating when you've been trying to get a group together to work on a problem and then you find out that someone else is trying to start a different group to work on the very same issue.

Now we have manipulative and exploitative social media (and destructive) and all kinds of wondrous tech miracles, but we still have trouble connecting and working together on issues we all care about.

We are planning another Progresstival this year with the theme LEAP INTO ACTION! because we really need, not just to get ourselves organized, but to actually DO things that will cause a change for the better. To be sure, many of us have been doing things and have accomplished things, but we need to invite and include many more of our neighbors to join us because this year may be our last chance.

So, that's invitation number one: Put the 2020 Progresstival on your calendar right now (flyers will be out in about a week or sooner). It's on Saturday, February 29 from 1 to 5 or so at the Concordia. We'll have booths and we want every tabler to focus on at least one specific action people can do with that group. Sign your group up using this form don't schedule anything else on that day, and help spread the word. Watch this space for updates.

Invitation number two: It doesn't work if one person has to find out everything that's happening and write posts and update the calendar! WE NEED YOU TO BLOG HERE! WE NEED YOU TO SUBMIT YOUR EVENT FOR THE CALENDAR! Please consider sending a report about what your group is doing, an update about what your organization is planning, your own invitation for people needed to write letters or attend a meeting, etc. Email couleeprogressive (just one) at hotmail to be added as a regular blogger here OR to submit a post for this blog.

Invitation number three:  We can't all go to everything, but maybe we can at least go to one thing a week or a couple of things a month. And we can certainly encourage or take our neighbor or friend or co-worker to go with us. We need as many people as are interested in the outcome of a Central-Logan game to be just as interested in whether the planet is burning up or our water is being polluted by animal factories blurping out bacon. We need as many people who will run five miles to raise money for cancer research to be as motivated to work and vote for candidates who will ban cancer-causing pesticides.

Send us your info, your hopes, your own invitations to action. Let's get organized!

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