Wednesday, March 11, 2020

How to be a delegate webinar and training

UPDATE: in-person trainings are canceled. All delegate selection training will be done via webinar. Please RSVP at this link to receive webinar information.

Party membership is not required though it may be an advantage at the final stage of the selection process.
"How to be a National Convention Delegate" training is already scheduled as a webinar on March 18 at 6 p.m. Please RSVP below and 48 hours before the training, you will receive the webinar link. Webinar details will be sent to RSVP'd guests 24 hours in advance RSVP HERE:

It takes 1,991 delegates to win the nomination. So far, fewer than half the states have voted. Right now, there is a 150 delegate difference between the top two candidates. In addition to the presidential candidates there are many "down ballot" elections to be decided in the spring elections. In Wisconsin, it's the Wisconsin Supreme Court, where a ten year term is at stake = the Scott Walker appointed incumbent or Jill Karofsky. The primary continues. 



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