Friday, March 27, 2020

While at home GROW A GARDEN

A new website,, aims to connect people to information, help, opportunities to help.

La Crosse County has a very good page of info and redoubt links at

La Crosse Neighborhoods are working on resources for neighbors to help neighbors. Mire coming soon.

CouleeDSA is working through thr FB page, Coulee Region Mutual Aid to connect helpers with those needing help.


Our community has a large number of food-insecure children, families, and individuals in "normal" times. We can only imagine how much more need there will be going forward, not just for food, but for meaningful opportunities to work for the good of others, get healthy exercise, and be socially active.

Please consider GROWING A GARDEN or expanding one if you are already a gardener. Is there a space in your neighborhood, like the middle of a roundabout, that could grow beans, corn, and squash this summer? Might your elderly neighbor have the space and knowledge but not the physical capability to grow a garden? Can you grow carrots, tomatoes, peppers, squash, even corn in containers? (Yes, you can.)

Planting season's here or soon will be depending on your style. Now's the time to find your space, get it ready, find some helpers if needed, and grow. This is especially a great idea if you have kids. Every kid should have a chance to learn how to grow her own food.

There are lots of books, extension websites, experts, and orgs that can help. Try square-foot gardening. Plant things in buckets, milk cartons, cardboard boxes. (Consider starting your corn seeds in toilet paper tubes so you can plant them outside in croups of three when weather gets warm.):

UPDATE: The city will prepare some good size garden plots on city property and city parks to provide more food-growing capacy plus opportunities for community engagement and healthy outdoor exercise. They are looking for volunteers to sign up to help plant and maintain (hoeing, weeding) a garden. If you are interested, please contact your neighborhood association leader. If you are not part of a neighborhood association, contact the city planning department at 608-789-7512.

Then, think about HIRING a helper, maybe securing their services in advance by offering to pay April rent or other critical expenses since payments to individuals will likely not arrive until after April rent is due.

Finally, if you live in the area bounded by Ward Ave, South Ave/MC Rd, Broadview, and the railroad tracks on the south side of La Crosse and you need pre-ordered groceries or medicine picked up and delivered because you have a health or transportation issue and can't make it yourself, please call 608-315-2693. Text or leave a clear voice message with your name and phone number. 

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