Wednesday, July 08, 2020

Support Medicare for All

From Citizen Action & Coulee DSA

Millions of Americans are not able to afford the healthcare they need

We are living through the worst global pandemic of our lives. Americans across the country have lost their jobs, their income, and their access to healthcare.  This moment, more then any moment in American history, is showing us just how dangorous it is to have healthcare tied to employment. La Crosse County needs to stand up with counties, and cities, across the country to demand a universal single payer healthcare system so that no one goes without the health coverage they need to live!  Please use this form to contact the county board and let them know that La Crosse County supports universal, single payer healthcare!

Universal single payer healthcare will not only make sure that EVERY AMERICAN can access the healthcare we all need, it will also boast our economy both locally and nationally.  It will allow Americans to look for the kind of employment that allows them to follow their dream without the worry of losing healthcare. It will take the burden of providing healthcare off the backs of our local employers. It will end the toxic political influence of the health insurence industry. Most importantly single payer healthcare will guarantee that every American is able to see a doctor, or recieve life saving healthcare, when they need to regardless of income.

You can help make health coverage a reality for every American, regardless of income by urging the La Crosse County Board to pass a resolution in support of Medicare For All. Dozens of places across the country such as Austin Texas, Warren County Tennessee, Cook County Illinois, and Philadelphia Pennsylvania have all passed similar resolutions. There is a national movement of cities and counties showing Washington that Americans need healthcare; La Crosse County needs to add its voice to that movement. Together all of these resoutions will show Washington that America demands a universal, single payer healthcare system NOW.  

Please use this form to send an email to members of the La Crosse County Board letting them know they need to pass a county resolution showing supporting Medicare For All. Once you fill out this form, and customize the email if you want, your email will be sent directly to every member of the La Crosse County Board.  

Only together can we make Medicare For All a reality in America.  Please use this form to contact the La Crosse County Board right now and demand that La Crosse County adds its voice to the Medicare For All movement!

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