Monday, October 25, 2021

Holmen - Support Sane School Board


Around the country, Trump-pets are bullying, threatening, and disrupting school boards over public health and social justice issues. As explained in this Washington Post  article

"... there is plenty of evidence that the current school board battles are not the spontaneous actions of concerned parents who want to solve problems. Conservative organizations have held “School Board Boot Camp” and sent leaders from out of state to speak at school board meetings. According to The Washington Post, Republican megadonors have financed efforts to fight masks in schools. A draft letter that one conservative group circulated provides a script: “NAME is excited to be joining NAME OF SCHOOL this year,” it reads, and “I have to speak up for what is best for my kids."

Tonight, at the Holmen School Board meeting, it's likely that a loud minority will attempt to take over the board. This has happened in other communities where the cultists have then slashed budgets, changed policies, and rolled back progress made addressing equity and social justice issues. It can happen here. It happened in Kenosha.

If you are a citizen living within the Holmen School District, please attend tonight's rally and, especially tonight's school board meeting. Meet by the lower parking lot side door at the Frederic Frick Administrative Center, 1019 McHugh Road.

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